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Welcome to Kaukametsä Civic Centre

The principles of voluntary education work are highlighted in the Centre’s teaching, which supports:

  • diverse personal development
  • the ability to act in communities
  • the promotion of equality
  • the realisation of diversity in society

Contact information

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is Kaukametsä Civic Centre located?

    Kaukametsä koostuu useammasta rakennuksesta

  • Where can I get a study guide?


    Does the Civic Centre have activities during the summer?

    • The summer courses start after mid-April
    • In May-June, we are preparing a program for the next academic year
    • In July we are on vacation
  • Can non-Kajaani students study at Kaukametsä Civic Centre?

    • Everyone is welcome to attend our courses.

    Why do some courses cost much more than others?

    • Course fees are affected by, among other things, the duration of the course, the offer, space rents and the study materials used.

    Does the participant obtain the course textbook themselves?

    • The participants are required to buy any textbooks needed themselves. You can come for the first time without a textbook.
  • Will I lose my course position if I am away many times?

    • You will not lose your place on the course if you are absent.

    When should an outage be reported?

    • The teacher will advise you on the practicalities involved at the start of the course.
    • It is a good idea to inform the teacher about longer absences.

    Can the absence be replaced by another group?

    • Absences cannot be compensated for by participating in another course.

    Can my friends attend the course when I can’t attend?

    • A place on a course is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.
  • A civic college gift card is a good gift

    • to a friend
    • to a relative
    • staff

    The recipient of the gift card chooses the course of their choice from the civic centre’s course offerings.

    The gift card is written for the desired amount and the card can be purchased from the civic centre office in cash.
    Order a gift card in advance by calling 044 7100 214.

    Kaukametsä Civic Centre office opening hours