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Welcome to Kaukametsä Civic Centre

The principles of voluntary education work are highlighted in the Centre’s teaching, which supports:

  • diverse personal development
  • the ability to act in communities
  • the promotion of equality
  • the realisation of diversity in society

Contact information

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is Kaukametsä Civic Centre located?

    Kaukametsä koostuu useammasta rakennuksesta

  • Where can I get a study guide?


    Does the Civic Centre have activities during the summer?

    • The summer courses start after mid-April
    • In May-June, we are preparing a program for the next academic year
    • In July we are on vacation
  • Enrolment on courses takes place electronically at

    Enrolments are also accepted in person or by phone at the Civic Centre’s office during its opening hours. The office phone number is 044 7100 214 (no text messages to this number).

    The office is open on Monday to Wednesday between 9:00–15:00.
    The office is closed on Thursdays and Fridays.

    Enrolment is binding

    Why are I asked for my personal ID when registering?

    • An ID is required for payment transactions.

    Why do I need a phone number when registering?

    • Any changes in the status or schedule of the courses will be announced in a group text message.

    Will I receive a separate confirmation of the start of the course?

    • No separate confirmation or invitation will be sent. Cancellation of the course will be announced by text message or phone call.
  • Where can I get formulas and instructions for the national costume of a Kainuu woman and a man?

    • You can ask for the pattern and instructions at the Civic Centre’s office by e-mail or by phone 0447100214.
  • How can I pay for the course?

    • You can pay for your course- in an online bank when you enrol
      – after receiving your invoice, by the due date
      – by contacting the office and asking for a payment link by email

    Study vouchers are granted one per person per year if you are entitled to such a discount. The discount will be automatically deducted from your invoice. Courses for which you use a study voucher, (S) letter in the name of the course, cannot be paid for in connection with enrolment.

    Will my course fee be refunded if I cancel the course?

    • Non refundable. Registration is binding.
  • Why is the course I have enrolled in canceled?

    If fewer than the minimum number of people enrol on a course, it will be cancelled approximately one week before the course is due to start. You will be notified of the cancellation by text message and if you have already paid for the course, to get a refund of the course fee, contact the college office by calling 044 7100 214.

    You can cancel your course participation 7 days before the course is due to start.

    Cancellations can be made online or at the Civic Centre’s office using your enrolment number or course number.

    How can I cancel my course?

    • You can cancel your course participation 7 days before the course is due to start.
    • Cancellations can be made online or at the Civic Centre’s office using your enrolment number or course number.
    • To get a refund of the course fee, contact the college office by calling 044 7100 214.
  • Can I get a certificate for attending the course?

    Certificates for studies completed are available at the office. They are not available for studies completed more than ten years ago.

    • The certificate will be issued within approximately two weeks and is free of charge.
    • The certificate must be requested in person from the office of the Civic Centre.
    • The certificate will be mailed or can be picked up from the college office.
    • A certificate is awarded if you have been actively present at the course.
    • We do not issue certificates for studies more than ten years old.
    • A certificate in basic art education is obtained when the entire curriculum has been completed.

    Are students insured on behalf of the civic centre?

    • Students are covered by the group accident insurance for volunteers in the city of Kajaani, where the insurance claims are small.
    • Personal accident insurance is recommended for students.
    • The insurance is valid for the number of courses marked in the study program.
  • How can I give feedback or make course requests?

    • You can present course wishes and feedback:
      • to the principal
      • to the teacher
      • to the  office
      • by e-mail

    You can give feedback here

  • Can non-Kajaani students study at Kaukametsä Civic Centre?

    • Everyone is welcome to attend our courses.

    Why do some courses cost much more than others?

    • Course fees are affected by, among other things, the duration of the course, the offer, space rents and the study materials used.

    Does the participant obtain the course textbook themselves?

    • The participants are required to buy any textbooks needed themselves. You can come for the first time without a textbook.
  • Will I lose my course position if I am away many times?

    • You will not lose your place on the course if you are absent.

    When should an outage be reported?

    • The teacher will advise you on the practicalities involved at the start of the course.
    • It is a good idea to inform the teacher about longer absences.

    Can the absence be replaced by another group?

    • Absences cannot be compensated for by participating in another course.

    Can my friends attend the course when I can’t attend?

    • A place on a course is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.
  • A civic college gift card is a good gift

    • to a friend
    • to a relative
    • staff

    The recipient of the gift card chooses the course of their choice from the civic centre’s course offerings.

    The gift card is written for the desired amount and the card can be purchased from the civic centre office in cash.
    Order a gift card in advance by calling 044 7100 214.

    Kaukametsä Civic Centre office opening hours