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Excursions in Nature

 A wide variety of excursions in nature offer people of all ages the opportunity to unwind every day of the year. Kajaani is a city surrounded by nature, where the opportunities to explore and hike start at your front door. The closest and highly popular campfire site, Limppusaari, is located on the shore of River Kajaanijoki, right opposite the market square!  

How about a stroll through the town and by the river, fly-fishing in the heart of the city or a slightly more challenging bicycle ride through tree-covered hills? Feel free to choose your favourite way to wind down. 

Local natural sites of Kajaani

In Kajaani you can move all the year round. There are about 20 different sites only 15 km from the city centre. Some of the near nature sites are open in every season, whereas the others are more of a seasonal variety. Visit your favourite places in different seasons for new experiences. You can for example go on a skiing trip from your favourite beach or climb up the Vimpelinvaara ski slope in summertime.

Local natural sites of Kajaani on the map (PDF