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Rescue Services of Kainuu carry out rescue and accident prevention duties in the Kainuu region. 

The Emergency Powers Act obligates municipalities to prepare for incidents with the help of contingency plans and by making preparations. The purpose of contingency planning is to ensure that the municipality’s key duties can be performed with as little disturbance as possible in any situation. 

It is imperative that society can carry out its duties in all situations. These can be categorised according to how serious or great the threat or disturbance is estimated to be. Such cases are referred to as safety situations. Safety situations are divided into normal circumstances, incidents and emergencies. 

The emergency number is 112. 

Rescue Services of Kainuu (finnish)

How can you prepare for emergencies yourself?

Independent preparedness is when an individual, community, company or institution prepares for situations in which normal everyday routines are prevented or disturbed. 

Guide for home emergency planning, 72 hours 

Guide for home emergency planning, 72 hours

What has the City of Kajaani done to prepare for threats?

The City of Kajaani is well prepared for threats. It has secured key operations and will prioritise them in emergency situations. The City’s different departments and municipal enterprises have agreed on the division of labour in such situations. The City of Kajaani promotes its residents’ well-being and sustainable development in its area by organising or producing various services to its residents. It is the City of Kajaani’s basic task to secure the basis of well-being and create the conditions for people and companies to succeed and live as full a life as they can. 

The Mayor is responsible for managing the City of Kajaani. The city organisation consists of departments and municipal enterprises that are run by department managers and municipal enterprise managers. 

  • The City of Kajaani’s Contingency Plan consists of a General Contingency Plan and the different departments’ own contingency plans. 

    Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority is responsible for primary health care, specialised health care, social services and elderly services. 

    Kainuu Waste Management Joint Authority, Ekokymppi, is in charge of waste collection. 

  • The emergency number 112 – when a person’s life is in danger 

    all the Medical Helpline at 116117 if you need advice on treating a sudden illness or a victim of an accident and you are not sure if you need to take them to the emergency clinic. From a landline, call 08 6156 6000. In urgent situations (such as a fracture, acute stomach ache) you can go straight to the emergency clinic. Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority’s emergency social services at 044 797 0676 (urgent crisis situations). If the emergency social services are unable to respond, call the emergency number 112. 

    Veterinary surgeon on call at 0600 303 301. 

    Never remove trees that have fallen on electricity cables yourself; instead, report them to Loiste Sähköverkko Oy’s power failure service at 0800 9 2500. 

    The energy company Loiste Sähköverkko’s helpline number is 0800 9 2500. 

    Kajaanin Vesi municipal water management enterprise’s emergency number is 044 7100 100 

    In an emergency, you can seek help at the closest health centre, fire station or police station. You can find details about Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority’s health centres at 

    Link to Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority’s website

    The City of Kajaani will inform residents about the situation through its own channels on its website and Facebook.