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Welcome to Kajaani

Kajaani 26/7 time zone What would you do with two extra hours?

It has been proven that there are 26 hours in a day in Kajaani. Over weeks, months and years, it adds up to a lot of extra time. Time to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Time to grow and dream.

It’s a time zone like no other, a time zone that allows you to do things that people in many other cities only dream of. The Kajaani time zone has evolved sheltered from crowds and queues. It’s the perfect time zone for you if you want to engage in leisure activities and enjoy your free time. If you want to be creative, get things done at work and spend time with your family. In Kajaani, you don’t have to choose between the things that are important to you – you can have them all.

Get out of the rush zone – discover life in Kajaani through pictures and stories. What would you do with two extra hours?

Step into the Kajaani time zone

Sammonkaari Modern and ecological city centre housing under construction

The Sammonkaari city blocks with timber-framed housing are designed to create a distinctive and forward-looking environment for the city centre, both in terms of architecture and innovative solutions, aiming for environmentally sustainable construction and housing.

Read more about Sammonkaari (In Finnish)

Local nature attractions

In Kajaani you can move all the year round. There are about 20 different attractions only 15 km from the city centre. Some of them are open in every season, whereas the others are more of a seasonal variety. Visit your favourite places in different seasons for new experiences. You can for example go on a skiing trip on lake Oulujärvi or climb up the Vimpelinvaara ski slope in summertime.

Local natural attractions on the map (PDF)

Events (In Finnish)

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