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The City’s decision-making system is determined by the Local Government Act and the administrative regulations.

The top executives in the City are the Mayor, the Administrative Director, the Director of Education and Culture, and the Technical Director.

  • In addition to the above-mentioned decision-making bodies, the City of Kajaani’s broad Management Group includes:

    • Administrative Director, Central Administration
    • Chairperson, City Board
    • Technical Director, Department of Environmental Technology
    • Development Director, Vitality Services
    • Staff Representative
    • HR Director, Central Administration
    • Head of Development, Central Administration
    • Director of Education and Culture, Department of Education and Culture
    • Finance Director, Central Administration
    • Mayor

    In addition to those mentioned above, the City of Kajaani’s broad Management Group includes:

    • Manager, Vimpelinlaakso Development Enterprise
    • Head of Information Management, Central Administration
    • Theatre Manager, Kajaani City Theatre – Regional Theatre Enterprise
    • Chairperson, City Council
    • Manager, Kajaanin Vesi municipal water management enterprise
    • Rescue Director, Rescue Services of Kainuu
    • Principal, CEO, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
    • Manager, City of Kajaani’s Municipal Educational Enterprise
    • Manager, Kajaanin Mamselli municipal catering and cleaning enterprise


The City of Kajaani’s highest decision-making body is the City Council, whose members are elected by the residents of the municipality in local elections every four years. The City Council elects members to the City’s other decision-making bodies.

The Economic Development Division, the City Group Division, the Participation and Well-being Division and the Employment Division all operate under the City Board.

The City’s committees include the Education and Culture Committee, Environmental Technical Committee, Kainuu Rescue Committee and the Vuolijoki Regional Committee.  The Environmental and Permits Sub-committee operates under the Environmental Technical Committee.

The municipal enterprises working under the City Board each have their own Board of Directors. The municipal enterprises include the City of Kajaani’s Municipal Educational Enterprise, Kajaanin Mamselli for catering and cleaning services, Kajaanin Vesi water management enterprise and the Vimpelinlaakso Development Enterprise.

In addition, the City Council has set up an Audit Committee for the duration of its term to take care of the auditing of administration and finances and to organise their assessment. The Central Election Committee is responsible for organising elections.

The bodies exerting influence are the Youth Council, the Older People’s Council and the Disability Council.

Organisational diagrams (In Finnish)