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Young people walking in the park

Kajaani – time to live!

The City Council approved the Kajaani City Strategy 2023-2026 at its meeting on 28 March 2022.


In 2026, the people of Kajaani will be proud of their hometown as a successful regional centre in Kainuu.

Basic mission

Kajaani creates well-being, security and the conditions for a good life and success for its residents, businesses, organisations and communities.

Values of the City of Kajaani

  • Responsibility
  • Community spirit
  • Courage
  • Integrity

We cooperate widely to promote well-being and health and take responsibility for the disadvantaged. We want the experiences of people of all ages to be an asset to the city. We make bold choices to ensure vitality.

Values in action

The City of Kajaani looks into the future with three themes

THEME 1. VITALITY AND SKILLS A successful city

We will implement a reneval vitality policy and be an attractive city for growing businesses.  We seek sustainable growth through technological know-how and its application, services of the future, the richness of our nature, tourism and renewable energy. With a balanced economy, we will ensure the vitality of the city.

Comfortable and safe everyday life creates opportunities for a good life for people of all ages and households. Kajaani is an attractive city for students, young women and families. We value the talent in our region, and new talent is moving to Kajaani from elsewhere in Finland and from abroad. We work together with other messengers in the region to highlight Kajaani’s appeal and attractiveness.

A wide range of cultural offerings, a variety of hobbies and different housing options add to Kajaani’s appeal. Kajaani is the best city for multi-location work.

THEME 2. CHILDREN AND YOUTH A city for children and youth

It is important to us that children and young people grow up well in Kajaani and develop a positive relationship with their hometown.

We support children and young people in building a good life and take care of them at different stages of their growth. We provide children, young people and families with children with support that promotes health, well-being and growth, as well as learning environments. We promote safety and community in all growing environments for children and youth. We work to ensure that no young person becomes excluded or alienated.

We improve young people’s inclusion through listening and consultation. We involve young people in matters that concern them. We build conditions for the youth to meet, participate in activities and events.

THEME 3. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT A resource-wise city of nature

We use our resources wisely, promoting well-being, sustainable development and the green transition.

Together, we care for our clean nature and environment. We promote biodiversity, mitigate climate change and reduce our emissions.

We will develop Kajaani as a regional centre with a compact, urban downtown and vibrant suburbs. We will make efficient use of the existing urban structure to offer a wide range of housing, commercial, business and industrial alternatives.

We will promote the production and use of renewable energy and the circular economy. We will make effective use of our facilities and improve energy efficiency. We favour walking, cycling and public transport. We make sustainable choices in procurement.

Easily accessible urban forests, large woods and accessible local recreational areas contribute to our well-being.