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Business plots and premises

Kajaani has excellent business plots and premises on offer to both small and larger companies.

Kajaani Technology Centre

In the Kajaani Technology Centre’s register of business premises, you will find premises owned and maintained by the Technology Centre as a subsidiary of the City. The Technology Centre also acts as a developer of premises for companies’ needs, as needed. It has both offices and production halls on offer in the Petäisenniska industrial area in the eastern part of the city, right by Highway 5. In the Linna business premises in the city centre, there are offices available.

Check for vacant business premises on the Kajaani Technology Centre’s website (In Finnish)

City of Kajaani’s business premises

The City of Kajaani’s Tonttipörssi (Plot Market) includes all the vacant industrial and business plots owned by the City. Through its plot policy and zoning, the City creates opportunities for diverse business activities and provides new plots for business.

The newest zoned area is located in the Petäisenniska industrial area in the eastern part of the city, by Highway 5. Some of the plots on offer are large and suitable, for example, for a specialist shop with a large stock. The zoned area includes vacant plots owned both by the City and private owners. The City’s plots can be found on Tonttipörssi (Plot Market) and, if needed, the City is more than happy to act as a go-between to get discussions going with private landowners if you are interested in their plots.

Check vacant industrial and business plots on the City’s Tonttipörssi

Renforsin Ranta business area

The Renforsin Ranta business area rents out land and business premises in the former UPM papermill area. Renforsin Ranta is renovating the premises to meet companies’ needs. The large industrial property includes modern offices, factory buildings suitable even for heavy industrial production and, last but not least, a strong basic infrastructure.
Renforsin Ranta is located one kilometre from the centre of Kajaani by Lake Oulujärvi and the River Kajaaninjoki. There is an operational railway connection to the business area. The area can be easily accessed by road, even with large articulated vehicles, through the factory area’s own gate.

Check for vacant premises on the Renforsin Ranta website (In Finnish)