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Wellbeing promotion

Ensuring the wellbeing and health of its residents is a core task of the municipality. Promoting wellbeing is thus a wide-ranging collaboration of various operators, with residents at its center.

Promoting well-being and health in Kajaani means, for example, a safe urban environment that encourages physical activity, cultural services that create moments of joy and success, local sports facilities, high-quality environments and services for early childhood education and school. Promoting wellbeing is also about strengthening participation, cooperation between organisations and promoting viability. In other words, it encompasses a wide range of things that various people are working on.

Promotion wellbeing and inclusion

In Kajaani, there is a Participation and Well-being Division operating under the city council, whose tasks include promoting the realisation of wellbeing in the various operative branches of the City as well as developing inclusion of ciziens.

Kajaani’s multidisciplinary cooperation group for the promotion of wellbeing, health and safety functions as the expert working group. Every council term, the group prepares an extensive wellbeing report and plan, which is updated every year in conjunction with the annual report and the City’s financial statement.

Kajaani’s wellbeing report and plan are tools for promoting wellbeing. They accumulate information on the current situation, and future operations are oriented in accordance with them.

A comprehensive wellbeing report and plan is drafted once a council term. It contains comprehensive information on the wellbeing and health of the city’s residents. The priorities, objectives, measures and evaluation indicators for promoting well-being are recorded in the plan. The comprehensive wellbeing report and plan will be updated and its implementation assessed annually. This will also allow for the refinement of objectives and measures.

Get to know Kajaani’s well-being report and plan 

The welfare report and plan for years 2022–2025 has been updated in spring 2023.

The City of Kajaani is also a member of the Finnish Healthy Cities Network.

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