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Moving to Kajaani

Kajaani is a combination of an efficient everyday life and diverse opportunities for recreation. 

Kajaani is a combination of an efficient everyday life and diverse opportunities for recreation.

A city of wide-ranging services in the midst of beautiful, large waterways and pure nature, Kajaani offers excellent opportunities to live a rich, diverse life that allows you to work and pursue recreational activities across multiple locations.

Kajaani’s trade and industry is constantly evolving and there are attractive career opportunities available in many different industries. Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is unique in that it has been selected the best university of its kind in Finland multiple times. The city has invested in public services and renovated several schools, for example. The many parks, both in the city centre and in residential areas, increase the attractiveness and comfort of the urban environment.

Kajaani offers numerous opportunities to pursue hobbies and recreational activities from culture to nature, and several exciting tourist centres are only a short distance away.
Life in Kajaani is easy, thanks to the short distances and uncongested traffic which will add hours to your daily life. We like to say that in Kajaani, we live 26/7.

Welcome to Kajaani!

Kajaani, in the centre of Finland

Kajaani is located slap bang in the middle of Finland. The city is easy to reach by train, bus or plane.

Kajaani is the ideal size and offers a wide range of services and magnificent recreational opportunities close to home. Nature is right outside your door, and you won’t have to spend your leisure time sitting in traffic.

Location of Kajaani

Comfortable living

Kajaani offers its residents many different housing alternatives. You can find your dream home in the centre of Kajaani close to shops and services, or in peaceful natural surroundings.

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Culture and sports

Kajaani has a diverse range of cultural offerings for adults and children alike, and you are sure to find something enjoyable and interesting to do here, whatever your tastes.

Kajaani also offers excellent opportunities for sports both indoors and outdoors all the year round.

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Kajaani, a city of skilled professionals

There is always room for new skilled professionals in the many different industries in Kajaani. There are attractive opportunities for both young people and experienced experts. You can find the City of Kajaani’s vacancies online at the national service. Kajaani is also home to staffing service companies that are always looking for skilled employees.

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Events in Kajaani (In Finnish)

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