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Key industries in Kajaani

Kajaani serves as the hub for expertise and entrepreneurial activity in the Kainuu region. Key sectors driving growth and development in the Kajaani area include technology industries (measurement technology, gaming, data centers, and high-performance computing, digital systems, and software), metal and chemical industries, renewable energy, as well as tourism and culture. A rising new sector is green, sustainable energy production, encompassing wind and solar power. On this page, explore these key sectors and discover highlighted players in the field


In Finland, there are approximately 200 game studios in total, with Kajaani making a significant contribution relative to the city’s size. The development and growth of the gaming industry in Kajaani began when Kajaani University of Applied Sciences initiated game education, becoming the first university of applied sciences in Finland to do so. Currently, the combined revenue of gaming companies in Kajaani, relative to the city’s population, ranks at the forefront globally.

Business story GameCity Kajaani – Unleashing the Power of Gaming

The GameCity Kajaani project, funded by the City of Kajaani, is constructing a gaming city that entails more gaming companies and more success stories for Kajaani. The project is implemented through extensive collaboration with local stakeholders to ensure that the development of the gaming industry in Kajaani is continuous and dynamic. It also ensures that the KAMK education continues to transform into successful business stories.

GameCity Kajaani aims to become an active gaming hub, operating locally while engaging in global business activities.

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Measeurement Technology

The history of expertise in measurement technology in Kajaani dates back fifty years when Kajaani Oy, focused on paper, timber, and pulp production, initiated electronic manufacturing, including sensor and automation technology for the paper industry. Over time, Kajaani evolved into a hub for research, education, and business in measurement technology, becoming a national center of expertise in measurement technology. The City of Kajaani’s sustained strategic choices in economic policy have supported the formation and development of the measurement technology cluster.

Business story Kajaani reached the pinnacle of measurement technology worldwide

In Kajaani, there operates a concentration of expertise in measurement technology, generating high-tech solutions utilized globally across various industries.

The businesses in the Kajaani region, along with regional development authorities, Kajaani University Consortium, University of Applied Sciences, the city of Kajaani, the municipality of Sotkamo, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and CSC – IT Center for Science, networked years ago. Together, they have systematically developed and expanded education, research, and business activities in measurement technology.

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Business story Valmet develops analyzer and measurement device technology for global markets in Kajaani

Valmet is a global leader in process technology, automation solutions, and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries. In Valmet’s Kajaani office, analyzers and measurement systems are developed, providing continuous and reliable data on critical parameters for customers’ processes.

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Information Technology and Software Development

In Kajaani, numerous companies are engaged in the development of software and digital systems, catering to a diverse range of industries from public administration to the forest industry, and from health technology to military communications, as well as many other sectors of business. The software companies in Kajaani create high-tech solutions for both large domestic clients and international markets. A common characteristic of these companies in the industry is the strong commitment of their personnel to the company and its goals, a trait also distinctive across other sectors in Kajaani

Data Center Industry

Kajaani has emerged as a significant hub for data centers and high-performance computing. In the Renforsin Ranta business area, the data center of CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd houses two national supercomputers and LUMI, a shared European supercomputer, currently the fastest in Europe and one of the most energy-efficient in the world. LUMI is not only accessible to researchers but also available for use by Finnish businesses. The city of Kajaani and CSC collaboratively develop the Kajaani data center ecosystem, aiming to attract new players and explore new opportunities in data-related businesses. Similar to the gaming industry, Kajaani’s data center presence is at the national forefront when considering the volume relative to the population. Integral to the ecosystem’s growth are the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences’ education programs and research activities in data center operations and data utilization, including the use of their own supercomputer.

Europe’s fastest supercomputer LUMI is located in Kajaani

One of the world’s most powerful supercomputers and the most efficient in Europe, LUMI, started operations at CSC’s data center in Kajaani in 2021. LUMI is accessible to all European researchers, offering businesses a unique opportunity to leverage high-performance computing as part of their product development and innovation activities. Twenty percent of the LUMI’s capacity is reserved for corporate use.

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In Kajaani, one of Europe’s notable rolling stock manufacturers, Skoda, operates the only plant of its kind in the Nordic countries. Skoda’s trams are integral to the cityscapes of Helsinki and Tampere, while the carriages for VR’s Intercity trains are also produced at the Kajaani factory. Skoda stands as the largest private employer in Kajaani. The Terrafame chemical plant and mine in the neighboring municipality of Sotkamo hold significant importance for Kajaani, as many of Terrafame’s employees reside in the city. Additionally, numerous companies in the subcontractor network operate from Kajaani. The carbon footprint of the nickel sulfate produced by Terrafame’s battery chemicals plant for electric vehicle manufacturers is already among the smallest in the industry. Both major industrial enterprises employ several hundred individuals, and the demand for new skilled professionals is continuous

Service and Retail

The retail sector is a significant employer in Kajaani. In addition to retail and specialty stores, Kajaani hosts national service centers. The local merchants’ association in Kajaani includes dozens of members.

Travel Industry

Kajaani is a destination particularly appealing to enthusiasts of culture and nature tourism. Ärjänsaari, Lake Oulujärvi, Rauniolinna, Runoviikko (Poetry Week), and the city theater stand out as Kajaani’s most renowned tourist attractions. Just a half-hour drive from Kajaani is Finland’s largest tourist center, Vuokatti, drawing over a million visitors annually. Tourism in the Kajaani region provides employment opportunities in accommodation, restaurant, and retail sectors while offering numerous possibilities for entrepreneurial ventures.


Kajaani has strong cultural and historical roots, and culture remains a significant attraction for the city today. Elias Lönnrot wrote the Kalevala in the landscapes around Lake Oulujärvi, where the national poet Eino Leino also spent his childhood. Currently, Kajaani is home to many professionals in the cultural sector, including performing arts, dance, liberal education, and cultural history. Kajaani is one of the implementing municipalities for Oulu2026, the European Capital of Culture. The importance of culture in enhancing the city’s attractiveness and vitality is recognized in the city’s strategy and economic development program

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