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Kajaani took measurement technology to the forefront of the world

In Kajaani, there operates a concentration of expertise in measurement technology, generating high-tech solutions utilized globally across various industries.

With the right partners, significant progress can be achieved. The businesses in the Kajaani region, along with regional development authorities, Kajaani University Consortium, University of Applied Sciences, the city of Kajaani, the municipality of Sotkamo, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and CSC – IT Center for Science, networked years ago. Together, they have systematically developed and expanded education, research, and business activities in measurement technology.

“Measurement technology has been the cornerstone of knowledge-driven economic activities in the Kajaani region for over 50 years. Investments in this field have created a positive cycle, showcasing diverse actors and applications,” says Niina Ahtonen, Director of CEMIS Center.

CEMIS is a research and education center specialized in measurement and information systems, involving the universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, VTT, and CSC.

Globally at the forefront of measurement technology

One of the network’s participants is Valmet, which has been involved in the development of measurement technology since the early 1980s through business acquisitions. The success story of Kajaani’s electronics industry began in the electronics department of Kajaani Oy’s paper mill.

“It all started with measurements at the pulp mill, on which Valmet’s business in Kajaani still relies. Nowadays, our solutions are used in the paper and pulp industry, process industry, wastewater treatment, and energy production worldwide,” says Päivi Tikkakoski, Product Development Director of Valmet’s Analyzer and Measurement Device business unit.

A crucial partner for Valmet is the Measurement Technology Unit of the University of Oulu, operating in the Kajaani University Consortium. “We leverage basic research and conduct applied research to meet the needs of businesses and industries. Our interdisciplinary staff can explore, build prototypes, code, and ensure quality,” explains Vesa Virtanen, Director of the Kajaani University Consortium. “With Valmet, we conduct research and development related to online measuring devices concerning contaminants in wastewater. To our knowledge, the research is unique worldwide.”

“For over 50 years, measurement technology has been the forefront of knowledge-driven economic activities in the Kajaani region. Investments in this field have created a positive cycle, showcasing diverse actors and numerous application areas.”

Niina Ahtonen, Director of CEMIS Center