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Here you’ll have the time to make your dreams come true

It has been proven that there are 26 hours in a day in Kajaani. Over weeks, months and years, it adds up to a lot of extra time. Time to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Time to grow and dream.

It’s a time zone like no other, a time zone that allows you to do things that people in many other cities only dream of. The Kajaani time zone has evolved sheltered from crowds and queues. It’s the perfect time zone for you if you want to engage in leisure activities and enjoy your free time. If you want to be creative, get things done at work and spend time with your family. In Kajaani, you don’t have to choose between the things that are important to you – you can have them all.

Get out of the rush zone – discover life in Kajaani through pictures and stories. What would you do with two extra hours?


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A RESIDENT’S STORY Children can grow up safely in Kajaani

When Janita started expecting her first child she began to think about moving back to her home town. Moving from Greater Helsinki to the peace, unhurried pace and convenient daily life of Kajaani started to feel like a good idea. Kajaani is a safe city where children can grow up free from unnecessary pressure. In Kajaani, there are also better opportunities for the leisure activities Janita and her family want to enjoy, and on weekdays she has time to do the things that are really important to her.

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A RESIDENT’S STORY A healthy approach to life and work – Kajaani is a place where it’s easy to breathe

Toni has travelled extensively around the world for work, but his home has always been in Kajaani – first and foremost because it’s a safe and comfortable city to live in. Kajaani is a good place to raise children: class sizes are smaller, all the services you need are close by and there’s a healthy approach to life. Combining work and family life is easy in Kajaani, as is incorporating sports and things that increase wellbeing into your everyday life.

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What would you do with two extra hours?

Are you ready to make your dream come true?

How would you like to have your own vegetable garden in your backyard? Or study at the best university for the gaming industry in Finland?

In Kajaani, you’ll have time for a rich life after work, because you’ll find a wide range of leisure opportunities close to home. Explore the stunning nearby rivers and lakes by canoe or enjoy the thrill of sledging down a hill – what would you like to do?