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Stories from the Kajaani time zone

Explore life in Kajaani through the stories of its residents. In addition to work, they have time for hobbies and to enjoy leisure and family life. Here you’ll have time to grow roots!

A RESIDENT’S STORY In Kajaani, I have time to develop my skills!

Janika enjoys living in Kajaani because everything is conveniently close by and she has time for her spouse and friends. A rewarding job, the inspiring activities of the Youth Chamber of Commerce and developing her own skillset have inspired Janika to settle in Kajaani. She is particularly proud of the people. The atmosphere in Kajaani is comfortable and natural.

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A RESIDENT’S STORY Kajaani has everything you need for the good life!

The short distances and a wide range of services have made it easy to balance work and family life. Being an active family that likes exercise, it’s important not to waste time on getting from one place to another and spend that time instead enjoying leisure activities and having fun together.

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