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Man and an igloo behind him in a snowy landscape

In Kajaani, you have time to focus on what’s important

Ollis Leppänen is active in many companies, all of which have one thing in common – Kajaani. In this compact city, you have time to focus on what’s important, and there are many active networks that welcome newcomers.

Ollis Leppänen was born and bred in Kajaani but has worked all over Finland. Kajaani is the home base of Ollis’s companies, although most of his customers come from outside Kainuu. It’s easy to travel anywhere from Kajaani – after all, it’s located right in the middle of Finland.

Kajaani has had so much to offer to Ollis that staying here was the obvious choice.

“From an early age, I felt that Kajaani and Kainuu had given me so many opportunities to experience and do things and I always wanted to give something back. I have received so much support and encouragement here.”

Ollis admits that he has been tempted to move elsewhere at times, but it always feels great to come back to Kajaani. One of the biggest reasons he enjoys living in Kajaani are his children:

“Kajaani offers excellent conditions for children to grow up in a safe environment, with great schools and a close-knit community to support them.”

There’s no hurry here

Ollis is actively involved in several companies. He is an entrepreneur and business coach in Intotalo Oy.

Intotalo offers management coaching all over Finland. Ollis’s aim is to make the daily operations of the company easier, smoother and more fun – to bring more enthusiasm and better routines to his own and his employees’ everyday life and management tasks. The training the company offers has taken him all over Finland to different enterprises in different industries and regions, which have gradually become familiar to him. What he has seen in other parts of the country has reinforced his conviction that Kajaani is a great place to live and work.

In Kajaani, you don’t have to waste time on unnecessary things like long drives from one place to another or queueing in traffic. Everything is close.

“There’s more time here: time to focus on customers, develop something new and concentrate on what’s important. It’s also a place where you can really concentrate and work efficiently.”

Another thing that boosts efficiency is the ease of everyday activities – all the public authorities and decision-makers are easy to approach and easy to have conversations with. The city’s close-knit entrepreneurial community has a great, positive spirit and a supportive atmosphere. The low overall cost level is also encouraging; for example, office space is inexpensive.

After all, it’s quick and easy to get to Helsinki.

“If I take the morning flight, I’ve already arrived by the time others are still sitting in traffic.”

City of Kajaani
Ollis is sitting in the igloo gazing at Lake Oulujärvi.
Lake Oulujärvi and the open lake of Ärjänselkä are places close to Ollis’s heart all year round.

Quiet location in the heart of the city centre

Being close to nature brings balance to life and encourages a relaxed attitude. It puts everything into perspective. There’s no hurry. The ease of daily life in Kajaani has also promoted a balance between being an entrepreneur and spending time with family.

The distances to leisure activity venues are short, and it doesn’t take long to get from one place to another. Schools and day-care centres are small but diverse and close to home. There are plenty of exciting activities and things for children to do.

Ollis’s family lives in a quiet area in the heart of the city centre. It’s only a ten-minute walk to the centre and his house overlooks the beautiful riverside.

“The energy of the city centre is a bit different here, it’s cosy and everything is close by. It makes it possible to live spaciously in a great location for your whole family.”

His children’s hobbies are a key part of Ollis’s evenings – swimming in the splendid pool of the Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre is an important pastime for the whole family. The city’s outdoor fitness stairs, horse riding and cycling are also regular activities for him.

In the summer, Ollis works as the skipper of Finland’s northernmost passenger steamboat – this balances the business coach’s life very nicely.

The city of active networks has its sights firmly set on the future

The atmosphere in Kajaani is supportive and encouraging, and the forward-looking attitude is evident in everything that is done in the city. There is a genuine desire to do things better than before.

“Kajaani has a bold atmosphere that encourages an experimental attitude. There are great new cultural programmes and events, and the community put together a lot of great stuff, it’s fantastic to see. All kinds of exciting events happen around the Kajaani Castle Ruins, and Välikadunvaltaus in May is an amazing event.”

The atmosphere, especially among entrepreneurs, is very positive. Social Friday is a good example of an event that brings the network together so that they can share ideas and encourage each other.

Kajaani is also easy to get to. Ollis attests to the fact that Kajaani is full of networks that happily welcome newcomers.

“I know many people who were new to the city when they moved here. You can always find the right network for you, as long as you are open to meeting new people.”

For example, the joint routes for trail runners and cyclists are open to everyone and new people are always welcome.

Ollis believes that the future advantage for Kajaani will be its small, compact size. The city may not grow bigger, but the opportunities and content it offers will grow beyond its size.

There’s more time here: time to focus on customers, develop something new and focus on what’s important. It’s also a place where you can really concentrate and work efficiently.

Ollis Leppänen
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