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Fishing Sites

The most significant fishing grounds in Kajaani are at Linnanvirta, the Ämmäkoski-Tullikallio area, Lake Iso-Ruuhijärvi and Lake Oulujärvi. 

Although Kajaani’s rapids have been harnessed to produce power, River Kajaaninjoki has remained a popular fishing destination. Right in the heart of the city, there are anglers almost year-round fishing in the Linnanvirta section of the river, which surrounds the castle ruins. Linnasaari Island, the site of these ruins, as well as the riverside parks and the old tar pier Tervalaituri provide ease of movement and guarantee the availability of good-sized trout, grayling and whitefish within casting range. The lower part of the Ämmäkoski Rapids also belongs to this fishing area. Although there is a no-fishing zone right below the dam, fishing is permitted along several hundred metres of the northern bank. Trout, whitefish and, in recent years, pike-perch enter the river from Lake Oulujärvi. 

Below the hydro-electric plants is the Renfors building. In the area in front of it, dozens of large trout have been caught, with the record-breaking ones weighing almost ten kilograms. From the Kalkkisilta quay by the Renfors building, you can access the fishing waters of Lake Oulujärvi by boat. The Renfors family manufactured fishing equipment in the late 19th century, and their traditions are celebrated at the Finnish Fly-tying Championships in Kajaani. 

Fishing permits

  • You can buy a fishing permit  

    • using the Mobilepay app (PDF instructions, Käännetäänkö myös nämä PDF:t??) 
    • from Kajaani Info
    • from the Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre 
    • from Timo Meriläinen, tel. 044 7100880 

    With the Mobilepay app, you can buy a 24-hour permit for €15, a four-hour permit for €10 and a family permit for €25 using the code 38169. The app accepts all Finnish bank cards. 

    Fishing permit4 h10,80 €
    Fishing permit24 h16,80 €
    Family permit24 h27,00 €
    Serial permit5 permits64,80 €
    Kalamiestupa cabin and other facilities24 h324,00 €
    Kalamiestupa cabin1 h21,60 €
    Sauna1 h21,60 €
    Caravan area24 h21,60 €
    • All the prices include 24% VAT.
    • The fishing permit includes the right to use a boat. 
  • Although no fee is charged for the fishing permit for the Linnanvirta area, you are required to have one. The fishing permit is personal to you and every angler must carry it with them when fishing. The fishing permit must be presented to the fishing supervisor on request. The fishing permit cannot be transferred to another person. 

    Applying for a fishing permit for River Kajaaninjoki on the website of the fly-fishing association Kajaanin Perhokerho 

    River Kajaaninjoki fishing rules (PDF) (in Finnish)

    Fishing map of the River Kajaaninjoki (PDF) (in Finnish)

  • Angling is allowed on Lake Oulujärvi throughout the year if you have paid the fisheries management fee. The lake has a rich and diverse fish stock. Various angling competitions are held on Lake Oulujärvi every year. 


Location of the Iso-Ruuhijärvi

Ruuhijärventie 661, 87100 Kajaani

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