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Kainuu National Costume

The Kainuu woman’s national costume, work instructions and formulas have been made on the basis of the general guidelines of the Finnish National Costume Council by the college staff.

Kainuu man’s national costume has been approved at the 2001 meeting of the National Costume Jury.

Work instructions and formulas for a woman’s and a man’s suit can be obtained from Kaukametsä Civic Centre.

National costume of a Kainuu woman is one of the costumes designed by Master Tyyni Vahter. The suit was unveiled in 1947. Bertta Koivula, the director of the Kajaani School of Home Industry, was the agent and correspondent on behalf of the Kainuu Home Industry Association.

Costume was first presented at the 40th anniversary celebration of the Kainuu Home Industry Association in 1948. Professor Toini-Inkeri Kaukonen later drew up a memorandum based on information provided by Tyyni Vahteri. There are very few legacies in the Kainuu region that revolve around the festive costumes of the 18th and 19th centuries. >Original instructions were very loose, so a wide variety of interpretations have been made of them.

Craft teacher Eila Parviainen, art student Minna Meriläinen and home industry teacher Marja-Leena Pahkala have revised the costume instructions to match the surviving museum models. Guidelines have followed the general guidelines of the Finnish National Clothing Council regarding the traditional manufacture of national costumes. National costume consultant Leena Hokkanen has given instructions for dress zoning, checking instructions and materials.

City of Kajaani/Kaukametsä Civic Centre owns a woman’s model suit.