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Arts education

Basic art education is organized in Kajaani according to the general curriculum

  • in the visual arts
  • in handicrafts arts and
  • in the art of dance as well
  • according to an extensive curriculum in music
  • in the art of dance

The new curricula were introduced on August 1. 2018.

Students who have previously started their studies may continue in accordance with the current curriculum for a maximum transition period of three years, after which they will transition to the new curriculum.

The new curriculum has been being developed and implemented

  • Kainuun Music college
  • Kajaani Dance
  • Kaukametsä Civic Centre
  • Ballet Kaukametsä
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School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts provides basic education in fine arts and crafts for children in accordance with the general curriculum.

The School of Visual Arts explores the fascinating world of art

  • colors
  • objects
  • design
  • to nature
  • architecture and
  • matters related to art history.

Different courses teach you how to do

  • printing works
  • to shape and construct with different materials

Familiar, for example

  • clay
  • pulp and
  • various housing materials

The School of Fine Arts designs and implements images and works, e.g.

  • drawing
  • painting
  • shaping and
  • by photographing

The handicraft school manufactures objects and textiles, for example

  • felting
  • staining and
  • stitching

The first-year studies at the School of Fine Arts and the School of Crafts are intended mainly for students in grades 1-2.


Feel free to ask for more information and a child-friendly group.