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History of Kaukametsä Civic Centre

The roots of Kaukametsä College go back to 1920, when Kajaani Civic Centre began operations. Teaching activities were abolished in 1932.

The civic centre established in the rural municipality of Kajaani in 1971 became the civic college of the city of Kajaani in connection with the association of municipalities in 1977.

The college moved to its current premises in 1987, when the name was also changed to Kaukametsä Civic Centre. This is how the whole Kaukametsä area got its name.


The Kaukametsä area with its buildings is a unique and significant architectural entity in the world.

The design of the area is based on an architectural competition held in 1982. The civic centre was the first to be completed in the area, which was opened in the summer of 1987.

The concert and congress hall was completed in 1988. The extension of Kaukametsä Cultural Center and the teaching facilities of Kainuu Music College were completed in 1998.

The Kaukametsä Congress and Culture Center is the result area of ​​the City of Kajaani’s education industry, whose subunits are the Kaukametsä Civic Centre, the Kainuu Music College and the City of Kajaani’s conference and cultural services.

The city of Kajaani is the administrator and domain of Kaukametsä Civic Centre. The new maintenance permit for the college came into force on 1 January 2013.

The opportunity to develop personal information and skills is readily available to citizens at the Civic Centre.

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Kaukametsä Congress and Culture Center
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Kainuu Music College