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There are plenty of parking spaces available in the centre of Kajaani, both free and subject to a charge. Parking that is subject to a charge is divided into two zones, and the fee is charged on weekdays between 8:00–17:00.

Parking fees

  • In Zone 1, the parking time is five (5) hours maximum and the parking fee is €1.00/hour
  • In Zone 2, the parking time is 10 hours maximum and the parking fee is €0.50/hour
    Driving your vehicle to another place within the same parking zone does not require you to buy a new parking ticket.

Parking zones on the map (finnish)

Parking a motorcycle or moped

In the centre of Kajaani, there are separate parking spaces for motorcycles and mopeds along the byroad of Pohjolankatu (4 spaces), in the sports park’s car park and by Ämmänkoskenkatu. A motorcyclist does not need to use a parking disc, but they do have to observe the time limits.

The easiest way for a motorist to pay a parking fee is by mobile payment (using the Easypark or ParkMan services.)

Parking zones for a motorcycle or moped (finnish)

  • The purpose of parking control is to work alongside the police to make sure that the prohibitions and restrictions of stopping and parking vehicles in the Kajaani city area are observed and that the tasks involved in issuing parking fines are carried out according to the law.

    In addition, parking control attends to abandoned vehicles and any vehicles that obstruct the maintenance of traffic areas.

    Tuija Aarnio acts as traffic warden, and the city has two parking attendants working in the field.

  • Parking attendants may issue a parking fee for illegal parking. The fee is determined according to the Ministry of the Interior’s decision dated 9 June 2020. In Kajaani, this is €40 starting on 1 July 2020. 

    A parking fee is imposed on a driver for breaching a prohibition or restriction concerning the stopping and parking of a vehicle or the regulations or provisions concerning the use of a parking disc. 

    The breaching of the prohibitions or restrictions concerning the unnecessary idling of a power-driven vehicle can also lead to a parking fee in accordance with the Act on Parking Fees. 

    A parking fee must be paid within 30 days (section 17 of the Act on Parking Fees). Failing to make the payment within this time will result in an increase of €14 to the fee (section 17 of the Act on Parking Fees). 

    A customer who is dissatisfied with the parking fee may bring the matter to the traffic warden to process by claiming for rectification. 

  • Submitting a claim for rectification

    If you consider a decision on a parking fee unjustified, you have the right to claim for rectification in writing or electronically within 30 days of the date of the fine by submitting the claim to the traffic warden at the address for parking control (section 15 of the Act on Parking Fees). The claim for rectification must include your name and address, bank account number, the case number on the parking fine, the vehicle’s registration number and your argument for the rectification claim. The documents the claim refers to must be attached to the claim for rectification. Submitting a claim for rectification does not extend the period of payment. 

    he claim for rectification must include: 

    • the name of the person submitting the claim
    • address
    • the case number on the parking fine (can be found on the right top corner of the request for payment) 
    • registration number of the vehicle and account number in case of a refund 

    Tee sähköinen oikaisuvaatimus tai tulostettava oikaisuvaatimus.

    Delivering or submitting a claim for rectification 

    Kajaanin pysäköintivalvonta (Kajaani Parking Control)
    Pohjolankatu 13
    87100 Kajaani 

    Kajaani Info (City Hall, Pohjolankatu 13) or by email to or 

  • Notifications on scrap vehicles, abandoned vehicles and vehicles that obstruct the maintenance of traffic areas are to be submitted by email to or by phone at 044 710 0969. 

    Decisions to move a vehicle are made by the City Solicitor, Traffic Warden Tuija Aarnio, tel. 044 7100 216. 

    The municipality is responsible for arranging the transfer of a scrap vehicle within their area if the possessor of the scrap vehicle neglects to do so. The municipality will only move a vehicle from a private area on the well-founded request of the possessor of the private area. 

    The road maintenance authority has a duty to transfer an abandoned vehicle (= other than a scrap vehicle) to another place for storage within its area. The municipality will only move an abandoned vehicle from a private road or area on the well-founded request of the party responsible for the maintenance of the road or the possessor of the area.