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Noise and vibration


Noise is a sound that is considered unpleasant or disturbing or that in some other way is not good for health or is harmful to well-being. Noise can be created by many different sources, such as traffic, industry, building sites and outdoor events. The volume of noise is given in decibels. 

Noise impact often manifests itself as sleep disturbance and difficulties in resting, focusing and learning. Noise reduces and weakens the comfort and quality of the living environment, especially in residential, holiday and recreational areas. Noise also impacts animals, such as birds’ species-specific behaviour, and limits animals’ use of natural areas that are noisy. 


A sufficiently strong or obtrusive sound and vibration are experienced as noise and vibration. Excessive vibration to the human body causes health hazards and the risk of accidents. There are operating values and limits to vibration exposure, and their purpose is to help people recognise and reduce the harm caused by vibration. 

Notifications of noise 

According to the Environmental Protection Act, operators shall notify the municipal environmental protection authority in writing of measures or events causing temporary noise or vibration at least 30 days before starting said measures or events, if there is reason to expect that such noise or vibration will be especially disturbing. In Kajaani, this authority is the Environmental Protection Department. No notification is necessary for activities (such as construction) relating to a private person’s household. 

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Noise nuisance indoors 

In dwellings, sources of noise nuisance can include building services equipment, inadequate installations, the insufficient sound-insulating capacity of buildings and building elements, and disregard of the building’s rules and regulations. 

If you are suffering from noise nuisance in a dwelling or other living space, please contact the health protection authority, which in Kainuu is the Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority’s Department of Environmental Health Care. 

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