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Nature conservation

The purpose of nature reserves is to protect the diversity of species and biotopes (habitats). The majority of nature reserves in the region belong to the Natura 2000 network. Other areas that support nature conservation goals include different levels of reserved localities in zoned areas, habitats of special importance as decreed in the Forest Act and areas protected by landowners’ own application.

The municipality will decide on the protection of a natural monument on the landowner’s application. If a single tree, group of trees, erratic boulder or other corresponding natural formation is deemed worthy of special conservation because of its beauty, rarity, scenic value, scientific interest or other corresponding reasons, it can be designated a protected natural monument.


Invasive alien species 

Invasive alien species must not be grown. If there is an invasive alien species planted in a garden, the owner is required to remove it and destroy the plant parts in such a way that it cannot reproduce and spread.

Uprooting and destroying invasive alien species always requires the landowner’s permission. Everyman’s Right allows you to pick plants, seeds or berries, but breaking ground and pulling plants up by the roots anywhere else than on your own land is not allowed without the landowner’s permission.

Climate change

Climate change has devastating effects on the earth’s nature. It causes such huge changes in habitats such as forests, seas and arctic areas that species will not be able to survive. The more the global temperature rises, the greater the changes are and the harder it is for nature to adapt.

Deforestation accelerates climate change, which in turn will increase the risk of different types of pests in forests. Climate change also increases wildfires.


  • Laatikainen Tarja

    Leading Environmental Protection Inspector


    Building Control Department and environmental protection

    Department of Environmental Technology

    Building Control Department and environmental protection

    Department of Environmental Technology