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Integration Services

Kajaani’s integration services are provided to refugees, persons who have been granted a residence permit through the asylum process, persons who have come to Kajaani through family reunification and foreign-language unemployed job seekers.

The integration services advise, support and guide the clients to become community citizens in their new society.
A client-oriented approach and active cooperation with the authorities and other actors is an important part of the success of integration services.

Kajaani’s integration services are based on the joint integration programme of the municipalities in Kainuu. The integration programme is based on Finnish law.

Kainuun kuntien yhteinen kotouttamisohjelma 2020-21 (PDF)

Refugee is a local citizen

A refugee is a person who has received a residence permit on the basis of international protection or subsidiary protection.
A quota refugee is a person who has been granted refugee status by the UNHCR. Finland’s annual refugee quota is set annually by Parliament.
A person who has entered the country as a family member of a refugee is considered a refugee.
The reception and integration services for refugees are provided for by the municipality.

The Act on International Protection FINLEX (301/2004)

Integration services to support integration into a new society

Integration means measures to help the immigrant to integrate into the new society.
The aim of integration is for the immigrant to achieve a position in society on an equal footing with the native population.
Integration is based on Finnish law. It applies to all immigrants who have a valid residence permit under the Aliens Act.
With the exception of unemployed jobseekers, integration services usually last for about 3-4 years.
Integration services are managed by the ELY Centre.

Read the Finnish Act on Promoting Integration FINLEX (1386/2010)
Read the Finnish Aliens Act FINLEX (30.4.2004/301)


Initial services

Basic information about Finland and initial assesment

Once the client has a valid residence permit or registered right of residence under Finnish aliens law, the client will receive basic information about Finland, Finnish society and working life, as well as rights and obligations.

The client receives information, advice and guidance on the use of municipal services.

The initial assessment of the clients will identify the services that are appropriate to their integration needs.

Integration plan

An integration plan is drawn up to support integration.

The purpose of the plan is to ensure that the client acquires sufficient language skills and other knowledge and skills needed in society and in working life to facilitate integration into Finnish life.

The integration plan may include, for example, integration training.

In Kajaani, the initial mapping and integration plan are drawn up under the Kainuu Employment Municipality Experiment.

Read about the Kainuu Employment Municipality Experiment