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International recruitment and employer guidence services

The City of Kajaani’s International Recruitment Service provides help for employers in Kainuu region in matters related to recruitment of professionals with foreign background, from the different stages of recruitment to settling an employee in Kainuu.

International recruitment means hiring people from abroad or hiring an international talent in Finland.

The International Recruitment Coordinator can advise employers on issues such as confirming recruitment needs, planning the recruitment process and job application, residence permit and work permit issues, or help them find the support services best suited to their recruitment needs.

Once the right person is found, the City of Kajaani’s Settling-in services coordinator can support the new employee and his/her family in building their daily life and settling in to the province.

Help in different stages of recruitment

    • Think about your company’s readiness for internationalisation
    • Ensure your company’s recruitment needs
    • Think about your recruitment budget, time resources and readiness of your staff
    • Find out about the international recruitment process
    • Check the labour market testing “saatavuusharkinta” (Te office)
    • Think about which country you are recruiting from, EU/EEA countries or non-EU/EEA countries
    • Think about the language and the right channels for your job advertisement
    • Consider and check the skills requirements of the employee (qualifications, licences, right to practise)
    • Prepare for interviews once a suitable person has been found
    • When you find your new employee, contact the City of Kajaani’s Settling-in Services
    • Ensure the worker’s residence permit and right to work
    • Think about it together what is required for an international expert to move to Finland (budget, schedule, etc.)
    • Think about it together what it will take to start working
    • Plan your induction in advance
    • Identify what an international employee needs to know about your work community
    • Induct the other workers in advance
    • Plan how you as an employer can support the newcomer’s integration (e.g. language training, free time)