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School Gyms

School gym reservations can be seen in the Timmi facility reservation system. Standing gym reservations start on the first day of September and end in the second week of May. You can apply to reserve time slots at school gyms by email at Please note that emails are not processed at weekends or during holidays. 

Keys to school gyms 

You can pick up keys to the LyseoTeppanaNakertajaLohtaja and Soidinsuo schools from the Kaukavesi information desk or office at the agreed-upon time. You will find instructions and the on-call point for the key at the Kaukavesi information desk. Other schools’ keys can be picked up at the specific school’s office. 

  • VAT (10 %) is added to the prices.

    Gyms smaller than 400 m2
    Sports clubs and organizations7,00 €
    Other users10,00 €
    City units and municipal enterprises9,00 €
    Other events (VAT 24 %)37,00 €
    Gyms larger than 400 m2
    Sports clubs and organizations8,00 €
    Other users11,00 €
    City units and municipal enterprises10,00 €
    Other events (VAT 24 %)45,00 €
    Gyms larger than 600 m2
    Sports clubs and organizations10,00 €
    Other users13,00 €
    City units and municipal enterprises12,00 €
    Other events (VAT 24 %)54,00 €

    Games 20,00 €/h


School gym reservations