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Kajaanihalli is a sports hall in the centre of Kajaani. Its overall area is 5,700 m2. Thanks to the fact that the main gym can be partitioned and that there are several changing rooms, the gym can host several indoor activities at the same time. The gym’s court can also be opened into one coherent space for large events. Kajaanihalli also offers facilities for track and field, musical exercises and gymnastics, as well as a bodybuilding and fitness gym.

You can reserve Kajaanihalli’s facilities via e-mail

Opening hours

Monday–Thursday 07:45–21:30
Friday 07:45–19:30
Saturday–Sunday 7:45–20:30

Cashier services are closed one hour before closing time.

  • Fri 2.12. – Sun 4.12. 12.00 reserved
    Mon 5.12.  7.45–14.30
    Tue 6.12. closed
    Fri 9.12. – Sun 11.12. reserved
    Tue 13.12. reserved
    Sun 18.12. reserved
    Fri 23.12. 7.45–14.30
    Sat 24.12. – Mon 26.12. closed
    Sat 31.12. 7.45–14.30
    Sun 1.1. closed
    Thu 5.1. 7.45–14.30
    Fri 6.1. closed

Kaupunginlampi multi-purpose area

In the immediate vicinity of the Kajaanihalli you will find the multi-purpose area that also functions as a car park during big events. In the summer, the area has floorball, pickleball, tennis and basketball courts, a skateboard park and a shipping container gym with gym equipment. There is also a beach volley court between Kaupunkilampi and Kajaanihalli.

Price list

  • ProductPrice
    Standing reservations
    Standing reservations Mon-Fri11,60 €/h/court
    Standing reservations and sports clubs’ game events Sat-Sun14,30 €/h/court
    Other reservations
    Badminton, table tennis, pickleball Mon-Fri11,60 €/h/court
    Badminton, table tennis, pickleball Sat-Sun14,30 €/h/court
    Gymnastics room17 €/h/court
    Lecture room, Musical exercise room14,30 €/h
    Fitness gym, track and field area4,20 €/pers.
  • ProductPrice
    Series tickets
    Gym 20 visits72,50 €
    Season tickets
    1 month34,00 €/pers.
    3 months77,00 €/pers.
    Jan.-June127,50 €/pers.
    Aug-Dec.127,50 €/pers.
    Jan.-Dec254,90 €/pers.


  • Discount groups: People under the age of 18, students, conscripts, the unemployed, pensioners

    Courts *11,60 €/h/court
    Gym, track and field area Mon-Fri 8.00-16.003,40 €/pers.
    1 month season ticket30,00 €/pers.

    *Not gymnastics room, lecture room or musical exercise room

  • ProductPrice
    1 h gymnastics room and 1 h lecture room30,00 €
    2 h gymnastics room and 1 h lecture room40,00 €
    2 h gymnastics room and 2 h lecture room50,00 €


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