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Kajaani offers excellent opportunities for versatile gym training at both the City of Kajaani’s own and private companies’ gyms.

The City of Kajaani’s gyms

  • The Kaukavesi gym is a modern, comfortable gym with a diverse range of equipment. The accessibility of the facilities also makes it possible for special groups to train there. The gym equipment consists of safe and easy-to-use Hur devices that apply smooth air pressure technology and Precor weight stack devices. They are also suitable for more experienced users. The gym also has aerobic and wheelchair-accessible equipment. 

  • The equipment in the gyms of Kajaanihalli and the Otanmäki Sports Centre enable excellent basic gym training. 

  • The weightlifting gym on Vienankatu offers inexpensive public gym times for fitness enthusiasts and weightlifters. The gym is maintained by the Kajaanin Kuohu sports association. 

    Vienankatu 5, 87100 Kajaani 

    Opening hours:
    Monday to Sunday 06:30–21:00 

    Price list

    1 month18,40 €/pers.
    6 months61,20 €/pers.
    12 months122,40 €/pers.

    Season tickets are sold in Kajaani Info, Pohjolankatu 13, Kajaani.