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The Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre has a variety of pools and alternatives for everyone to enjoy. There are cold and hot pools and long and short pools for fitness swimmers, families and aquatics enthusiasts alike. Accessibility ramps and hoists to help the disabled get into the water ensure that everyone can benefit from the pools. 

  • The main pool is the heart of the Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre and ideal for fitness swimming, aqua jogging and a wide variety of water sports. Depending on the time of day, some swimming lanes or pool activities may be reserved for specific groups. 

    A total of 8 lanes:
    4 x 25 metres, depth 1.20–1.35 metres
    4 x 50 metres, depth 3.70 metres (open hours of 50-metre lanes)
    Lane width 2.50 metres
    Water temperature 27°C 

  • Daredevils can dive into the deep end of the main pool from the diving platform or a diving board! 

    Jumping heights: 1 and 3 metres
    The water below the diving boards is 3.70 metres deep 

    Open hours of the diving platform 

  • The kids’ pool offers a safe environment to get comfortable with being in the water and to practise the basic skills of swimming on your own or during swimming lessons. 

    Pool length about 20 metres
    Pool step area, depth 0.35–0.5 metres
    Depth 0.8–1.0 metres
    Water temperature 30°C 

  • Relax in the warm water of the multi-use pool and under the invigorating whirlpool and jet massage points for your neck and shoulders. The multi-use pool is ideal, for example, for baby swimming and muscle-strengthening fitness exercises. In the corner of the pool, you will find our popular fitness screen that shows keep-fit exercises you can follow whenever you want. 

    Depth of the multi-use pool 1.1–1.35 metres
    Water temperature 30°C 

  • In the cold-water pool, you can feel the circulation under your skin increase and will quickly learn to enjoy the sense of well-being it brings. 

    Depth of the cold-water pool 1.10 metres
    Water temperature 4–6°C 

  • Our warm-water pool helps you relax completely. Alternating between the cold and warm-water pools is an excellent way to help your body recover from a workout. 

    Depth of the warm-water pool 0.5 metres
    Water temperature 37°C 

  • The paddling pool gives little ones the opportunity to splash around.  

    Depth of the paddling pool 0.1–0.25 metres
    Water temperature 30°C 

  • A long slide that twists and turns outside the building! You slide down feet first, one person at a time. For safety reasons, the age limit for the slide is 8 years. Younger children can slide down with an adult. 

    Total length of the slide 50 metres 

  • The lockers in the changing facilities are operated using a wristband. There are separate saunas in both the men’s and women’s facilities. Accessibility has also been taken into account in the changing rooms and saunas, and there are special shower wheelchairs for people who need them in the showers. 

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