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Rules and regulations


  • The time of use of the swimming pool is 2 hours per customer.
  • The use of alcohol, snuff, tobacco, drugs and other intoxicants and being under the influence of intoxicants is prohibited in the swimming pool facilities.
  • The use of food products, such as chewing gum, is prohibited in the pool areas.
  • The swimming pool has swimwear and towels to rent. Equipment rental must be paid for at the cash desk. Rented equipment must be returned to the place indicated for them.
  • The swimming pool cannot be held liable for lost or stolen property. You can ask about lost property at the cash desk.
  • There is CCTV surveillance in the swimming pool facilities.
  • To ensure public hygiene, please put rubbish in the bin.


  • Please wash yourself carefully before going in the pool. There are also private facilities for changing and washing yourself.
  • Please remember to also wash your hair. If you don’t want to get your hair wet, use a swimming or bathing cap. If needed, you can get a bathing cap from the lifeguards’ station.
  • Acceptable swimwear means swimming costumes, swimming trunks, swimming shorts, modest swimwear with longer sleeves and legs that is specifically made for swimming, or other clean, freshly washed sports clothes made from Lycra. Shorts and underwear are not considered swimwear.
  • Wearing jewellery in the pool areas is not recommended.
  • Dying hair, shaving body hair, cutting nails, and foot and nail care and other corresponding activities are prohibited.
  • Do not wear outdoor shoes in the pool and shower areas. If necessary, use disposable overshoes.
  • Persons suffering from infectious skin diseases are not allowed to enter the swimming pool, showers or sauna.
  • Please avoid using heavily fragranced products.


  • Children under 7 years old and children unable to swim are only allowed in the swimming pool facilities with a parent or other adult.
  • To enter the big pool, a person has to be able to swim 25 metres without swimming aids.
  • Please notify the staff about any illnesses that may influence the safety of the person affected.
  • Long-distance underwater swimming of more than 25 metres and long-lasting diving are not allowed.
  • Jumping into the pool is only allowed from the diving boards and platform’s at the deep end.
  • Young people under the age of 15 are required to have a parent or guardian’s permission to use the gym, or to use it as part of a guided group.
  • To ensure everyone’s enjoyment and safety, making noise, running and disturbing other swimmers is not allowed.
  • Group, school and sports club swimming and training sessions must be supervised by a person in charge who must be present throughout the session.

These rules and regulations and any instructions by the staff must be complied with. If a person violates them, they may be removed from the swimming hall’s facilities and they may be banned from using the swimming pool for a specific time.

We wish you enjoyable and reinvigorating swimming!

Video instruction on the use of wristbands and lockers

Safety Training

Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre’s personnel receive training in safety issues twice a year.