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Descriptions of swimming classes and schools

To help you choose the right classes, here you can find all the info and entry requirements for all swimming classes and schools.

When signing your child to swimming class/school, please make sure they meet the entry requirements. Its also possible to participate to the same swimming class/school multiple times before moving on to more advanced lessons.
Please notice, that signing your child in to wrong, or too advanced swimming classes/school can be a safety hazard.

All swimming education except Uimataitostartti are held in finnish!

More info: +358 7100 538 or email

What swimming classes/schools start and when? Check the calendar here!
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Kaukavesi swimming groups

  • For kids aged 4-5, who are just starting to get used to water. While this group is very suitable for first time swimmers, your kid should know how to listen to instructions without needing any help from a parent.

    In this group participants are getting introduced to water, through fun play. We will also practice different ways to move in water and slowly work towards ergonomic swimming position.

    Entry requirements: 100cm of height, knowledge how to act in a group led by swimming teacher.

    Goals: Courage to put ears and face to water, moving in a swimming position, different ways to move in water (jumping, running, etc) and independent/fearless attitude towards swimming.

    Swimming schools: Summer break 2024

  • For kids aged 6, who are getting used to water and swimming. In this group participants are getting introduced to water, through fun play. We will also practice floating and beginner swimming techniques based on every individual’s skill level.

    Entry requirements: 6yrs of age, 110cm of height, and independent coming to water/pool.

    Goals: Beginner backstroke with floating device, gliding with floating devide , diving obects from chest level and jumping to chest level water legs first.

    Swimming schools: Summer break 2024

  • Alkeis 2-ryhmä will pick on, where left in Alkeisryhmä. Group is suitable for kids, who already know beginner backstroke and front-crawl, can dive an object from a waist’s level.

    Entry requirements: 6 yrs of age, 120cm of height, child is familiar with water, knows how to swim basic back- and front-crawl with a floating device and can dive an object from a waist’s level.

    Goals: 10 meters of beginner backstroke without floating device, glide without floating device, diving an object from chest level water and independent jumping to swimming depth -water.

    Swimming school: Summer break 2024

  • For kids who already can swim 10 meters without floating device. Jatkoryhmä will pursue basic swimming skills and to introduce participiants to more advanced swimming. Jatkoryhmä’s lessons will start and end at the pools, at the aqarium. A parent can escort and help the kid to the pools via escort-bracelet.

    Etry requirements: 7 yrs of age, 120cm of height, Child can swim 10 meters without floating devide and can dive an object from waist level.

    Goals: 25 meters of beginner backstroke and front-crawl (Basic swimming skill) 5 meters of distance diving and somersault to water from the pools’ edge.

    Weeks 11-17, in 2024.

  • For kids aged 7-10, who already can swim 25 meters withput floating device. We will practice swimming technique’s and distance- and depth diving.

    Entry requirements: kids aged 7-10, 120 of height, can swim 25meters without floating device and dive an object from chest height water.

    Goals: 25 meters of swimming by three diffrent swimming styles (freestyle, backtroke and breastroke), 8 meters distance diving, jumping head first, depthdiving and diving an object from chest height.

    There is not any scheduled swimming classes/schools available at the moment.

  • For children over 7 years of age, who have special needs and require help and support with swimming.
    Child’s parent/guardian can come to pools with the child to get guidance and tips to swimming together with a child.
    We will learn get used to water on child’s terms and level of swimming. Further along we will start to practice basic swimming techiques and independent moving in water.

    Goals: Independent moving in the water, according to participiants skill level.

  • Uimataitostartti is a swimming course, wich consist of five lessons. Uimataitostartti is for adults and all young people, aging over 12 years who need encouragement to swimming. In the lessons participiants will get used to water and learn beginner swimming techniques, while being instructed by swimming teacher of Kaukavesi. Content of the classes will be determined by each participants skill level, making learning more effective. Classes will be held in lanes 1-2 (depth 1,2-1,35m) and/or kid’s pool (depth 0,35-1m).

    When?: Weeks 14-19, saturdays, at 9.00am-9.45am. Instructor will meet participants at 8.45am at the main entry of Kaukavesi.

    As an exception to the rest of the swimming education, Uimataitostartti can be held in english, so don’t let the language barrier get in the way of your learning!

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  • At the private lessons, client will get personalized help, tailored to fit their individual needs and expectations. Lesson can consist anything from beginner swimming techniques to floating, diving, or advanced freestyle techique.

    We also offer private lessons regarding gym training. Starting to go to the gym can be very intimidating to many. We are here to help you with using all the machines and doing excersices! These lessons are fully customizable to fit the client’s needs and wishes.

    Booking and more information: