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Study Finnish language

Language skills are an important part of integration.
Knowing the local language helps you to understand the culture and get involved in working life, studies and hobbies.

Kaukametsä Civic Center

At Kaukametsän opisto Civic Center you can study Finnish in a variety of courses.

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Integration training for adult immigrants provided by TE services

In integration training, you learn Finnish and get to know Finnish society. Integration training provides information and skills for working life and further education. Integration training is daytime education.

The orientation period of integration training is aimed especially at newly arrived immigrants.

In addition to the Finnish language and culture, the orientation period includes an initial assessment, which covers, among other things, an assessment of the integration process.

  • literacy and language skills
  • work experience and work history
  • qualifications that can correspond to Finnish qualifications

In the literacy lessons in integration training, students learn not only Finnish but also general reading and writing skills.

The duration of the integration training is determined by the student’s personal needs. Usually, the training lasts about one year.

You apply for the training by registering as a jobseeker with the Kainuu TE Office and discussing your training needs with an employment counsellor. The employment counsellor will contact you after you have registered as a jobseeker.

How to use Oma asiointi E-service (video)
Register as a jobseeker on the E-service (in Finnish)