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Work and Enterprise in Kajaani

Kajaani offers a wide range of job opportunities.

Job search advice and support is available.

Entrepreneurship is one way to get employment.
The City of Kajaani  Business services offers advice and support for different stages of business or entrepreneurial activity.

TE-services for foreign language speakers in Kajaani are located in City of Kajaani International Services.

Video: Applying for jobs and working in Finland (Kotona Suomessa)

What to do if you become unemployed?

Unemployment security and TE Services to support the unemployed

Unemployed people who are permanently resident in Finland and covered by Finnish social security can receive unemployment benefit.

Unemployment security is available for the period during which you are a registered jobseeker at the TE Service (Employment).

Read about the unemployment security for foreigners on the TE Services website

Unemployment benefit advice

The TE services’ national telephone service provides general advice from Monday to Friday at 9-16.15.

  • in Finnish 0295 020 701
  • in English 0295 030 713
  • in Russian 0295 020 715

Register as a jobseeker at the TE Services

Register as a jobseeker as soon as you know you are unemployed. Register at the latest on the first day of unemployment.

Registration instructions for EU and EEA nationals
Registration instructions for nationals of other countries

The TE services have an electronic service called E-services.
The service works with Finnish online bank IDs or chip ID cards.
You will be contacted by an employment counsellor after registration.

Find out how to use the service (video)
Register as a jobseeker on the E-service (Finnish)

Advice, guidance and support for employment

You can get advice, guidance and support for finding a job through the TE services’ online service, the national helpline and by contacting an employment counsellor in person.

TE Services website

The TE Services website provides a wide range of general information and advice. By logging into the website’s E-service, you can submit a contact request.

TE services website for jobseekers

TE Services’ national telephone service

The TE services’ national telephone service provides general advice from Monday to Friday at 9-16.15.

  • in Finnish 0295 020 701
  • in English 0295 030 713
  • in Russian 0295 020 715

Services to promote employment

There are various services to support the employment of unemployed jobseekers.

These are organised by various employment support services.

Find out about the different services:

The associations in Kajaani offer opportunities for rehabilitative work, work experience and paid work.
An employment counsellor will guide you in applying for these services.

Tips for job search

Search for job advertisements in many places

Job vacancies are advertised online on job search sites, recruitment agencies and companies’ own websites. See the quick links to job search sites on this page (on the right).
Get to know about the  recruitment agencies in Kajaani.
You can also find job advertisements in newspapers, magazines and social media.
By typing ”avoimet työpaikat Kajaani” or “vacancies Kajaani” in the text field of a search engine (e.g. Google), you can find links to job opportunities in Kajaani.

Contact employers of interest

Contact employers you are interested in: call, email, open job application and CV.
Many employers have a contact form on their website.
Tell them what kind of job you are interested in, what education, skills and experience you have.
If the job is not available now, it may be available later!

Talk and network

Be active and open. Talk about your job with your family and friends. You can get tips and help in finding a job.
Get involved in events and meet new people. Contacts will help you to find and get a job.

Keep your job search up to date (job application, CV and job search skills)

Make sure the information on your job application and CV is correct. Make your application and CV suitable for the job you are applying for (job title and employer).
You can develop and maintain your job search skills, for example by following job news and attending training and coaching courses.
You can apply for training and coaching, for example through the TE services.

Keep your skills and employability up to date

You can keep your skills up to date, for example by taking up hobbies and learning new knowledge and skills.
Volunteering, courses and study groups can help you keep your skills up to date.
Talk to your employment adviser about volunteering and different study opportunities.

RekryKainuuLive helps you find a job in Kainuu

Jobseekers can get help with making a video CV and find out about job vacancies and labour market training.

Find out more about the RekryKainuuLive service

Prepare for a job interview

It is a good idea to prepare for a job interview.
Find out as much as you can about the interview and the job in advance.
Think through in advance why you are good for the job (how your skills and abilities will benefit the employer).
They often ask about your strengths (what you are really good at) and what you need to develop (what you need to practise).
Make a note of the interview location, the interviewer’s name and contact details. Bring any documents you need (e.g. certificates. You can ask the interviewer what you need to bring with you).
Dress appropriately for the job. Be there on time. Inform the interviewer as soon as possible if you cannot come at the time agreed.
If you do not get the job, you can ask why you were not selected. This will give you further information and feedback for your job search.

Study Finnish

Knowing the language makes it easier to find a job and find work. Learn Finnish in a course or independently.  Maintain and develop your language skills by reading in Finnish, watching and listening to Finnish-language programmes in the media and talking to people.

Find out more about learning Finnish language in Kajaani

Tips when starting a job

Tax card (verokortti)

In Finland, you pay income tax on your salary.  The tax rate is calculated according to how much you get paid. The employer deducts and pays tax directly from your salary. To do this, you need to get a tax card and give it to your employer.

Information about tax cards (

Trade unions

Trade unions work for the employees’ interests and benefits.
Different sectors have their own trade unions (e.g. nurses or engineers).  Trade unions organise training and leisure activities. You can get advice, help and support from a trade union in difficult situations at work.

There is a small membership fee, which you pay each month.

You can join a trade union if you want.  When you join a trade union, you can also join an unemployment fund.  When you belong to an unemployment fund, you can apply for income-related unemployment benefit.

There is a shop steward/luottamusmies at your workplace who can advise you on joining a trade union.

Unemployment fund

 The Unemployment Fund pays a daily income-related allowance to its unemployed members. It is higher than the basic daily allowance paid by the national welfare Kela. The earnings-related daily allowance is paid from the unemployment fund’s membership fees.  There are a number of conditions for receiving the earnings-related daily allowance. When you have a job, you pay a membership fee to the unemployment fund.

Find out more about unemployment funds and membership (TYJ)

Employment advice for immigrants

The employment advice service for immigrants advises workers with a foreign background if they have questions or problems relating to their employment relations.  Advice is available at the SAK – National Confederation in Finnish and English.  The service is free of charge.

Toll-free telephone service: 0800 414 004 (Mondays at 14-17 Tuesdays and summer weeks at 9-11 and 12-15).
Contact by e-mail:

Find out more about the employment advice service for immigrants (SAK)

Become an entrepreneur, start a business?

Entrepreneurship is one way to get employment.
Before starting a business, it is important to make sure that your residence permit allows you to be self-employed.

The City of Kajaani Business Services provide advice and support in matters related to entrepreneurship.

Find out more about the City of Kajaani Business Services.

Kainuun Yrittäjät is an association that works for the benefit of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Find out more about Kainuun Yrittäjät (in Finnish).

Light entrepreneurship  (kevyt yrittäjyys) is a way to get to know entrepreneurship before starting a business.

Pages in Finnish:
Light entrepreneurship or invoicing service (Yritä.fi)
Light entrepreneurship (

My Enterprise Finland (OmaYritys-Suomi) provides information, guidance and advice on starting a business and public business services.

Telephone service: 0295 020 500 (Mon-Fri 9.00-16.15)

My Enterprise Finland online service