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Summer job vouchers

Summer job vouchers for students finishing comprehensive school and students in upper secondary education

The City distributes summer job vouchers every year to students finishing comprehensive school and those in the first or second year of upper secondary education. The students must live in Kajaani year-round. You can apply for the summer job voucher using the electronic application, which is provided on this page during the application period. The applicant must have a job lined up when filling in the application.

The subsidy involved can be paid to an employer employing the young person if:

  • The employee lives in Kajaani permanently and is about to finish comprehensive school, or is a first or second year student in upper secondary education (general upper secondary school or vocational college).
  • The employment relationship lasts at least two weeks. The recommended working hours are 30 hours per week.
  • The employee’s wages are in line with the collective agreement of the sector in question. If there is a “Tutustu työelämään ja tienaa” (“Familiarise yourself with the world of work and make money”) agreement in the sector, wages in line with its recommendations can be applied if the summer worker is a student in comprehensive school, a 10th grader at comprehensive school, goes to general upper secondary school or participates in preparatory education for vocational training.
  • The employer is responsible for paying the statutory employers’ contributions to social security.
    A written employment contract is made with the employee, and they are given a letter of reference at the end of the employment relationship.
  • A young person may also be employed by a household, but not the employee’s own home or that of a close relative.


Read more about the summer job voucher (in Finnish website)

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