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The Kajaani Campus 2025 -Project Info

There have been many changes in study methods and working life over the past few years. As a result of changes in study methods, educational institutions free up space for new uses.

The purpose of the Kajaani campus development work is to create new and interesting learning and working environments in the Kajaani campus area. The new facilities support community spirit and increase cooperation between companies and educational institutions in the area.

Vision: The Kajaani campus is a responsible, innovative, and communal place. The campus area acts as a pioneer in work-oriented studies and sustainable development. The campus area inspires students, staff and the community and guides them to act responsibly and create a better tomorrow together.

Mission: The Kajaani campus operates responsibly and innovatively. The Kajaani campus is a center for learning, research, and community. The activity also has a positive effect outside the region. The development of the Kajaani campus increases cooperation with companies. the goal is to create paths from study to working life in the region and the graduated professionals will stay in our region to work or continue their studies.

An important goal of the project is the creation of networks. With the help of networks, cooperation increases, and synergistic benefits can be achieved. In cooperation with companies, new sustainable development methods and solutions can be developed. Practical learning and expertise are achieved through cooperation with companies.

Kainuu University of Applied Sciences and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences are in the same campus area, and this facilitates and creates opportunities to develop cooperation even more. the goal is also to bring other service users and municipal residents to the Kajaani campus area in the future.