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The Kajaani Campus

The Kajaani campus area includes the Vimpelinlaakso and Vuorikatu campus areas. Education on the Kajaani campus is organized by Kainuu vocational college, Kajaani high school and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. At the Kajaani campus, you can get secondary and higher education degrees. The development work of the Kajaani campus area has started in May 2023. The purpose is to develop cooperation between companies, other organizations, and educational institutions in our region.

There have been many changes in studies and working life in recent years. Remote studys and work are the new normal. Studying methods have changed, and because of this, spaces have been freed up in educational institutions for the use of companies in the area.

The development work of the Kajaani campus is influenced by the strategy of the city of Kajaani and the strategies of educational institutions in our region, as well as the vitality program of the city of Kajaani 2022-2026. The goal of the Kajaani campus is to develop the campus area’s operating environment and operating culture responsibly and in accordance with sustainable development. And also to increase the traction and holding power and vitality of our area. In campus development, the well-being and sense of community of the people in the area are important.

Together, the Kajaani campus will be built into Finland’s most work-oriented business and study center!