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Reservations of Sports Facilities

Indoor sports facilities

You can enquire about available time slots at Kajaani’s indoor sports facilities (Kajaanihalliice arenasOtanmäki Sports CentreKaukavesi Aquatics Centre) venue-specifically directly from the venue itself. Facility bookings can be seen in the Timmi facility reservation system.

Outdoor sports facilities 

Reservations of outdoor sports facilities at the Vimpelinlaakso Sports Centre 

The summer’s time slots for outdoor sports facilities are assigned in April every year according to the applications received. The application period and assignment event will be announced in the local newspaper. 

You can check the reservations of sports fields in the Timmi facility reservation system.

You can reserve the Kaupunginlampi tennis courts and pay for them by logging in and verifying your identity in the Timmi facility reservation system. 

School gyms

You can apply to reserve time slots at school gyms by email at

More information and reservation cancellations, tel. 044 710 0618


Please send enquiries about reservations at the Kajaanihalli by email to