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Ski and fitness tracks

Ski tracks

Kajaani has plenty of ski tracks for both classic and skate skiing and for different skill levels. Every district has a lit ski track where the lights are on from 6 in the morning to 10 at night when the temperature is above -24°C. 

The regularly updated map of ski tracks will tell you whether the track is in good condition for skiing. Please note that the information on the condition of the ski tracks on the frozen lake by Rehja Island and other frozen waters is not always up-to-date due to technical reasons. 

From hills to even ground 

In Vimpelinlaakso there is a 4.2-kilometre ski track, as well as ski tracks made by private people that range from 1 to 26 kilometres. The tracks are marked with colour and signposts, and you can ski either in the classic or skating style. There is also a biathlon centre in the area. The Vimpeli ski tracks are connected to Huuhkajanvaara, Lohtaja and Laajankangas. There are signposts at the starting point showing the ski tracks and huts. 

In Pöllyvaara, the ski track runs along the fitness trail and rises up the hill. From the Pöllyvaara ski tracks, you can access tracks going towards Kirkkoaho and Nakertaja. 

For people who prefer to ski on even ground, the best places to ski are at the Vimpeli sports ground and its surroundings, as well as in the Kuurna district. The ski track from Lohtaja to the Hotel Kainuun Portti is also fairly level. Ice conditions permitting, there is a ski track on the ice of Lake Nuasjärvi. 

Otanmäki, Vuolijoki, Kuluntalahti and Jormua also offer great skiing tracks. 

You can also find the Kainuu region’s ski tracks at retkikartta-service. 

Fitness tracks 

The Vimpelinlaakso lit fitness track offers varied ground for joggers in the summer and for skiers in the winter. 

The Pöllyvaara and Lohtaja woodchip tracks offer plenty of choice in the summer. From Lohtaja, you can access the hiking trail all the way to the hilly forests of Pirunvaara, and you can turn off the Pöllyvaara fitness track and take the route leading to the Lukkarinnurmi recreational area. 

There is a trail about two kilometres long that circles Kaupunginlampi and connects with the Renfors trail. You can also take the trail around the Vimpelinlampi pond where you can admire sheep in the summer or stop at the lean-to shelter. 

Read more about trail and excursion alternatives for the season of unfrozen ground. 

    • Vimpeli lit ski track; Mondays and Thursdays 19.30–22.00
    • Pöllyvaara 3,4 km; Saturdays, Wednesdays and Sundays 19.30–22.00
    • Jormuan lit ski track; Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 18.30–22.00, Saturdays 10.00–12.00.

    Dogs must be leashed when skijoring. In park and transitional ski tracks it is allowed to skijore at any times.

    Puisto- ja siirtymäladuilla (kaikki muut, paitsi valaistut ladut ja Kieronmäen lenkki) koiran kanssa hiihtäminen on sallittua milloin tahansa.