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Special wristband

The customer will be granted this benefit by presenting a Kela card or proof of a doctor’s diagnosis or a medical report. The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10), which has been developed by the World Health Organisation, will be applied as criteria for granting the wristband. The basis of the criteria are the positive effects that studies have found water exercise and gym activities have on a person’s ability to function. The aim of the special wristband is to activate the person to take exercise independently. 

The special wristband is an annual wristband for swimming and the gym. The wristband can be used once a day during the Aquatics Centre’s opening hours. Wristbands are also sold to people who live outside the municipality. The criteria for granting the wristband shall be in force for the present and they will be reviewed at regular intervals. The criteria for granting the wristband are set by the City of Kajaani’s Environmental Technical Committee, which reserves the right to make changes. 

The price of the special wristband is €129,60 per year per person (incl. swimming and gym) + a wristband payment of €6.50 per wristband. 

The wristband will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. Price changes are possible annually. The special wristband can only be used at a specific swimming pool. There will be no refund for the time the facilities are closed during their planned annual maintenance. 

  • To purchase a wristband, the customer shall present proof that they meet the criteria for the wristband. The special wristband will not be granted if the customer does not meet the criteria. Misuse will lead to the wristband being cancelled. 

    The criterion by which the wristband can be bought from the Aquatics Centre’s cash desk: The person must present their ID card at the cash desk. 

    The following information must be included in the person’s Kela card: 

    • asthmatic, Kela card code 203 
    • diabetic, Kela card code 103 
    • myasthenia gravis, Kela card code 108 
    • mental health patient, Kela card code 112 or 188 
    • multiple sclerosis, Kela card code 109 or 303 
    • Parkinson’s disease, Kela card code 110 
    • rheumatic disease, Kela card code 202 
    • coronary artery disease, Kela card code 206 
    • cardiac insufficiency, Kela card code 201 
    • hearing impairment, disability category 8 
    • visual impairment, visual impairment card (available from the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired) 
    • epilepsy, Kela card code 111, 181, 182, 183 

    If the below circumstances apply to you, please deliver a case history or medical report and your contact details in a sealed envelope to the E-wristband feedback box in the lobby of the Kaukavesi Aquatics Centre. The estimated time for hearing about the decision is about two weeks. 

    • Cerebral palsy (diagnosis G80): care allowance decision from Kela or a medical report; progressive diseases of the central nervous system (diagnoses G10G13), medical report 
    • disabled persons, severely disabled persons, persons with musculoskeletal disorders: degree of disability at least 55% or degree of disability 11, medical report 
    • intellectually disabled, statement from Intellectually Disabled Services or care allowance decision from Kela or a medical report 


    • persons with myasthenia gravis (diagnoses G70G73), medical report 
    • mental health patients (diagnosis F32.2), in medical report F32.2 
    • post-polio syndrome, medical report 
    • cancer patients (diagnoses C00C96), medical report 
    • disabled children, medical report (e.g. ADHD, autism, children with epilepsy, heart disease, cancer, diastrophic dysplasia (Q77), both legs amputated) 


    • patients with sleep apnea, medical report 
    • dyspraxia F82 
    • organ transplants, medical certificate 
    • fibromyalgia 79.0–79.2 
    • developmental language disorder, under 18 years old (diagnosis F80.2 or F80.1), medical report 
    • adults with restricted growth (dwarfism) Q77 
    • dystonia 
    • sarcoidosis 

    By medical report, we are referring to, for example, a copy of the hospital’s case history or some other document that will reliably reveal the diagnosis and the severity of the condition (such as medical statement C, medical statement B). 

    Special wristbands are purchased and loaded at the cash desk. The wristband is not loaded in the office. 

  • Some customers may be able to get what we call a “wristband-2”, which will entitle the customer to take an adult (18 years or over) assistant with them without a charge. If a holder of a special wristband requires help in the changing or shower room, the assistant must be the same sex as the wristband holder. 

    Persons entitled to a wristband-2: 

    • intellectually disabled persons (wristband-2 is available at the cash desk)
      persons with cerebral palsy (wristbands-2 is available at the cash desk) 
    • visually impaired persons (wristbands-2 is available at the cash desk) 
    • persons with special language impairment (under 18 years old), (wristband-2 is available at the cash desk) 
    • children under 10 years old who meet the criteria for the wristband (wristband-2 is available at the cash desk) 
    • discretionary decisions, medical certificate or a physiotherapist’s report on the need for an assistant or a rehabilitation plan (permission for wristband-2 from the office)