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An exhibition detailing the history of Kajaani, with a scale model of the city in the middle.

Permanent exhibition

Kainuu Museum’s permanent exhibition offers an exciting overview of the region’s history and the lives of its people over a period of 10,000 years. The exhibition begins with the region’s fascinating prehistory and related discoveries. It transports the visitor through the phases of the Kajaani Castle, to the self-sufficient everyday lives of Kainuu people and the early stages of the region’s industrialisation, and much more. The exhibition also introduces visitors to the history of the city of Kajaani, as it grew from a small town of wooden buildings to the region’s centre.

The artefacts and illustrative material on display are mainly from the museum’s own collections, which have been accumulated since the 1930s through both active collection activities and donations. In addition, some artefacts have been borrowed from the National Museum and private individuals, among others.

The various themes of the main exhibition are described in more detail in both Finnish and English texts.


The museum also has several temporary exhibitions each year.

Permanent exhibition virtual tour

Filmed: summer 2020

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