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Entrance to the Kainuu Museum


Kainuun Museo
Asemakatu 4
87100 Kajaani


Office tel. 044 7100 506
Exhibition space tel. 044 7100 494

Location of the museum on the map

Opening hours of the exhibitions

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00-16:00
Wed 12:00-19:00
The day before a national holiday open from 12:00–15:00

Free entry

  • 2024

    1 January, New Year’s Day

    5 January, Epiphany’s Eve, open 12-15

    28 March, Good Friday’s Eve, open 12-15

    29 March-1 April, Easter, closed

    30 April, May Day`s Eve, open 12-15

    1 May, May Day, closed

    8 May, Ascension Day’s Eve, open 12-15

    9 May, Ascension Day, closed

    20 June, Midsummer’s Eve’s eve, open 12-15

    21 June, Midsummser’s Eve, closed

    1 November, All Saints Day’s Eve, open 12-15

    5 December, Independence Day’s Eve, open 12-15

    6 December, Independence Day, closed

    23 December, Cristmas Eve’s eve, open 12-15

    24 December-26 December, Cristmas, closed

    31 December, New Years Eve, open 12-15

    1 January 2025, New Year, closed

Museum office, library and archives

The museum office, library and photo archives are open Mon-Fri 08:00–16:00.

Open the day before a national holiday from 08:00–15:00.

The works in the museum’s reference library can be found in the Kajaani City Library’s database. The books are not available for home loan. Please contact a member of staff if you have any questions about the library.

The museum library, photo archives and archive collection are available to anyone interested. Please book an appointment beforehand if you want to explore the archives.

Photo archives