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Lake Iso-Ruuhijärvi

One of the most popular fishing destinations in Kainuu, Lake Iso-Ruuhijärvi offers outstanding opportunities for fishing and outdoor recreation. The lake is only 14 kilometres from Kajaani and offers great fishing throughout the year. 

Lake Iso-Ruuhijärvi’s area covers about 45 hectares. You can catch rainbow trout, Northern pike, perch and whitefish there. The methodical care and maintenance of the river and lake system, as well as the stocking with catch-size rainbow trout, maintain the fish stock and anglers’ interest. 

In addition to a wide range of services, the area offers accommodation to meet various needs. The Kalamiestupa cabin can accommodate about 70 people and is available to rent for events of different kinds. If needed, there is also a sauna, fish-handling room and caravan park. In the summer, you can rent a boat at the lake. There is also a ‘kota’ hut, a lean-to shelter and numerous campfire sites in the lake area. 

  • You can buy a fishing permit   

    With the Mobilepay app, you can buy a 24-hour permit for €15, a four-hour permit for €10 and a family permit for €25 using the code 38169. The app accepts all Finnish bank cards.  

  • During ice fishing season it is possible to buy an extra fishing line permit (2 €/permit)

    Fishing permit4 h10,80 €
    Fishing permit24 h16,80 €
    Family permit24 h27,00 €
    Serial permit5 permits64,80 €
    Kalamiestupa cabin and other facilities24 h324,00 €
    Kalamiestupa cabin1 h21,60 €
    Sauna1 h21,60 €
    Caravan area24 h21,60 €
    • All the prices include 24% VAT. 
    • The fishing permit includes the right to use a boat. 


Location of the Iso-Ruuhijärvi lake Skip embed: Location of the Iso-Ruuhijärvi lake