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Rug washing places

There are two rug washing places in Kajaani: one is located in the centre next to the old water supply plant and the other next to the Kätönlahti boat harbour. The taps are opened at the rug washing places in the spring when the weather is warm enough and closed in the autumn, according to the weather. The rug washing places are open daily between 6.00–21.00.

How to use the rug washing places

  • Only use eco-friendly detergent.
  • Clean the washbasins when finished.
  • Keep the environment clean and take your rubbish with you.
  • Because there may be colour deposits on the drying mangle’s rollers, we recommend you use protective sheeting when squeezing light-coloured rugs.
  • The drying stands are intended only for letting excess water run off the rug; please take your rugs home for drying after that.
  • The City of Kajaani will not pay compensation for any damage that may be caused by any potential uncleanliness of the washing water, by the washing structures or by the inappropriate use of the mangle.

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Rug washing places

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