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Adult and Continuing Education Services AIKOPA is an adult and further education unit jointly run by the Kajaani University Consortium. It is AIKOPA’s social and regional mission to produce continuing education services to meet the region’s new and changing competence needs and to ensure the availability of a skilled workforce in Kainuu. These goals are implemented through the supply of studies offered by the University of Oulu and its partner universities, by bringing various types of academic education to the region and by engaging in close cooperation with the region’s operators.

AIKOPA supports communities’ and individuals’ continuous learning and development as experts. It organises training in a working-life-oriented way and helps customers find training that meets their individual needs. The training and development activities are planned and implemented within regional networks. AIKOPA’s strengths are its excellent customer service and knowledge of the region, as well as network-based training.

AIKOPA’s services include

  • the planning and implementation of training, seminars and projects
  • support and consultation for project planning
  • project management and coordination.

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Edukai Oy is a subsidiary of the City of Kajaani’s Municipal Educational Enterprise. Edukai organises labour market training, specialist training for work that requires a licence (such as a hot work licence), further training for continuing professional development and other professional services to meet the needs of the business world.
Edukai Remote Services (ERS) provides global solutions that are not dependent on location to meet companies’ and educational establishments’ needs for distance mentoring and distance learning. Edukai operates across the nation, and its ERS business operates globally.

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Kainula Learning Centre

Kainula Learning Centre is an educational establishment for voluntary education run by the Kainuu Summer University and the Kainula Adult Education Centre. Kainuu Summer University offers a wide range of studies provided by the Open University and the University of Applied Sciences, as well as vocational further education. Through Kainuu Summer University, you can start studies leading to a qualification, spend your sabbatical taking university studies or acquire vocational further education. Kainula Adult Education Centre offers interesting hobbies for the whole family, such as music, fine arts, sports, exercise and language courses.

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