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Reception Services

Kajaani Reception Services for asylum seekers.

The Reception Centre / Vastaanottokeskus (VOK) provides accommodation, basic subsistence, social and health care and initial preparation of asylum seekers during the asylum process.

The reception services are determined in Finnish law.

Asylum seeker is applying for international protection

An asylum seeker is a person who applies for a residence permit in a foreign country on the basis of protection.

An asylum seeker is granted refugee status if he or she is deemed to be in need of protection. If the criteria for refugee status are not met, a residence permit may be granted on the basis of subsidiary protection. A residence permit may also be granted on the basis of an individual humanitarian reason, an obstacle to leaving the country or being a victim of  human trafficking.

The application for asylum is made in person immediately after arrival at the border authority or the police.
Asylum decisions are taken by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) on the basis of an asylum interview.
The criteria for asylum are defined by law and by international agreements to which Finland is a party.

Act on International Protection FINLEX (301/2004)

The Reception Centre provides advice and guidance on everyday matters

In Kajaani, accommodation for asylum seekers is organised in city apartments rented by the reception centre in different parts of the city (family apartments or shared apartments for 3-5 persons).
Asylum seekers  are referred to social and health services from the reception centre.
Finnish language classes are organised for asylum seekers at Kaukametsä Civic Center.
In case of voluntary return, asylum seeker will get help from Reception Centre.
The reception centre is run by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

Act on the reception of persons applying for international protection and on the identification and assistance of victims of human trafficking FINLEX (746/2011)

Hobbies for asylum seekers in Kajaani

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