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The Finnish Model for Leisure Activities

The City of Kajaani’s Sports Department has been granted a subsidy of €111,000 together with the municipalities of Sotkamo, Suomussalmi and Hyrynsalmi for the purpose of organising leisure activities in the spring of 2021 in accordance with the Finnish Model.

The main objective of the Finnish Model is to increase the wellbeing of children and young people. The aim is to enable every child and young person to have a leisure activity in connection with the school day that they enjoy and one that is free of charge and organised at the school. The Finnish Model is based on a child-centred approach: the leisure activities offered must be those children themselves have expresses a wish for and they must be provided at a time that best suits children. The activities provided are based on a nationwide survey of schoolchildren in which children and teenagers were asked what leisure activities they would like to participate in. The most popular leisure activities in Kainuu were, for example, parkour, fine arts, snowboarding, downhill skiing, cooking, gym, game design, coding and hunting.

Read more about the Finnish Model and the results of the survey. 

The aim is to anchor the Finnish Model as a permanent approach in municipalities. In future, the application period for the subsidy for organising such activities will take place in the spring.

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