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Events in Kaukametsä (in Finnish)

Find interesting events in Kajaani!



Events in Kaukametsä (in Finnish) Skip embed: Events in Kaukametsä (in Finnish)


All of  facilities and public areas in Kaukametsä Congress and Cultural Center are wheelchair-accessible.

A permanent induction loop system has been installed in Kaukametsä-hall , Kouta-hall  and auditorium.


Ticket sales

Kajaani Info, Pohjolankatu 13
p. (08) 6155 2555
open: mon-thu 8 am – 4 pm, fri 9 am – 3 pm  web shop 

or 1 hour before the concert at ticket sales in Kaukametsä.

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In the feedback service, you can give feedback on services in Kaukametsä congress and cultural centre.



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