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Lastenopastus Liisa Rautiaisen näyttelyssä, 2003

Kajaani Art Museum

Address and contact information
Linnankatu 14, 87100 Kajaani, FINLAND
tel. +358 (0)44 710 0545
email: taidemuseo(at)kajaani.fi

Kajaani Art Museum was opened to the public in April 1993. The museum's exhibition rooms are located in the former police house designed by architect Eino Pitkänen. Completed in 1936, the building is an example of pure functionalist style. The fenced yard outside its northern wing leads to the old Town Hall which dates back to 1831.

One of the main tasks of the museum is the provision of art education. Through its exhibitions of both international and local works of art the museum aims to present a broad and comprehensive picture of art to wide audience from all social groups.

Opening hours
Sun – Tue, Thu, 10 – 17, Wed 12 – 20, Fri-Sat  closed

Tickets: Admission free

Exhibitions / 2017

Latitude 64. – Occurences in Time 15.12.–22.1.2017
Philipp Dommen, Ariadna Donner, Philip Donner, Nicholas Galanin, Juha Sven Korhonen, Klaus von Matt, Lasse Naukkarinen, Ann Naustdal, Catarina Ryöppy
Ariadna Donner, Philip Donner and Klaus von Matt invited artists from the same latitude that stretches from Russia to Alaska to come join the exhibition. Through textile works, photographs, drawings, paintings and interactive installations they seek to delve into the essence of time and place.

Back to Karelia – Caj Bremer in Soviet Karelia’s folklore villages 9.2.–26.3.
Photographs taken by pioneering Finnish photojournalist Caj Bremer during his travels by exemption in the Karelian Isthmus as well as Viena and Olonets Karelia between 1979 and 1982 depict daily activities in the legendary folklore villages and the Soviet way of life. The exhibition has been put together in collaboration with the Gallen-Kallela Museum.
Bremer’s My Dreamworld, his newest work from the series Lightgrapics, is also featured in the exhibition.

Decomposer – its witnesses and spectators 9.4.–31.5.
Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi
Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi investigates the relationships between individuals through a microscale universe using painting, installations, ryijy-rugs, text and photography. The Japanese-born artist lives in Kajaani and combines Finnish and Japanese culture and traditions in her works. Her method is persistence, for instance it took her three years to sow and cultivate the flax which she used as the material for her “living ryijy-rug”.

Juho Karjalainen 15.6.–3.9.
The exhibition of Juho Karjalainen presents the elaborate graphic artist’s newest symbolic animal motifs alongside works from his earlier career depicting the human figure and landscapes. The exhibition has been realised in collaboration with Jyväskylä Art Museum and Lappeenranta Art Museum.   

My Finland 21.9.–26.11.
Irmeli Huhtala, Anne Siirtola, Suohpanterror, Viggo Wallensköld
The Sami people, the Roma, immigrants, intersexuals. What does the history of 100-year-old Finland look like from the perspective of minorities?

The Forest’s Embrace 14.12.2017–21.1.2018
Jaana Bombin and Reijo Haukia, photography and sculpture
The eternity of stone and the transience of photographs meet in the joint exhibition of Jaana Bombin and Reijo Haukia. The artists travel towards the invisible essence of nature by creating their own story and expression.

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