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Kajaani Town Theatre

Kajaani Town Theatre is one of Finland's leading theatres.

Kajaani Town Theatre is one of Finland's leading theatres. It is known for its ambitiousness and openness, to be a theatre which addresses issues that are very close to the people in its region. Its calendar of performances is based on new Finnish plays, many having their premiere in Kajaani.

The theatre is located in Kajaani, in Northern Finland, some 130 kilometres west from the border with Russia, and about 250 kilometres south of Arctic Circle. Kajaani is a small town with a population of 37,500 and it is the regional centre of Kainuu.

Kajaani Town Theatre is also one of Finland's five regional theatres. It tours mainly within the Province of Oulu, excluding Oulu itself. There are 48 local districts in the tour area and a population close to 300,000.

The theatre has two stages: the large stage in the theatre building and the small stage in Sissilinna. The small stage is dedicated to theatre presentations for children and young people, and it also serves as the home stage of the regional theatre.

The theatre’s calendar of performances includes on average five premieres per year. There are nearly 300 presentations each year and a third of them are performed on tour.


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