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Kajaani – leading the way

Kajaani is the regional centre of Kainuu and the gateway to the region. Many of the visitors arrive in Kajaani by plane or train and then possibly continue to other tourist resorts in Kainuu region.

The town lies between two significant tourist resorts: Vuokatti and Lake Oulujärvi.



Kajaani sijaitsee kahden merkittävän matkailualueen, Vuokatin ja Oulujärven välissä.

Four clearly distinguishable seasons provide opportunities to experience numerous and varying adventures. The town has excellent facilities for competitive and recreational sports, both indoors and outdoors. Linnanvirta free fishing resort is guaranteed to be a favourite spot among fishing enthusiasts.

Beautiful riverside park, Rantapuisto, and the river open to a wonderful view. Kajaani castle, lock cottage and tar canal form an idyllic and historic setting.

The town hosts a nine-hole golf course. Moreover, the nature reserve Talaskangas in Vuolijoki and the reservoir for wild birds in Otanmäki add a little extra flavour to the diversity of travel experiences.

Residents in Kajaani have solid cultural know-how – the town theatre is also the regional theatre and Kaukametsä is the heart of music events.

Kajaani Poetry Week and Kajaani Dance events have evolved into significant national performing art events.

Kajaani offers a lot for those hungry for the arts – and those hungry for adventure.


Kajaani Info
Pohjolankatu 13
87100 Kajaani        
Tel.  08 6155 2555   
Open Mon to Fri 9:00 to 16:30; holiday eves 9:00 to 15:00   

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