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Lakes and rivers with plenty of fish and the vicinity of wilderness attract fishing enthusiasts to pursue their interest in fishing all year round.


The most significant and most popular sites for fishing are by lakes Linnavirta, Iso-Ruuhijärvi and Oulujärvi, the Sea of Kainuu as it is also known.

Fishermen go to Linnavirta nearly all year round. Linnavirta is a very popular fishing spot in Kajaani as it locates right at the heart of the town.

Iso-Ruuhijärvi is an outdoor activity and recreational fishing centre with high-standard services. The centre lies only approximately 14 kilometres from Kajaani. Fishing enthusiasts of all ages are welcome to Iso-Ruuhijärvi. The site offers facilities and services all year round; for instance Kalamiestupa, the Fisherman’s cottage, fish processing facilities, sauna, caravan site and in summer also boats available for hire. Ruuhijärvi has also huts and lean-tos with a number of campfire rings on the grounds.

You can go fishing in Lake Oulujärvi regardless of the season. Fish are plentiful and varied. A number of fishing competitions are organised at Oulujärvi every year.

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