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Aamu- ja iltapäivätoiminta

The City of Kajaani arranges morning and afternoon activities as a part of basic education for first (1st) and second (2nd) graders and special support pupils attending other grades. In the City of Kajaani the prerequisite for attending such activities is that both guardians must be either employed or studying.


The activity is managed by the early childhood education service complex in cooperation with basic education. Municipality has the overall responsibility to respond to the demands of arranging activities in accordance with the Basic Education Act that are consistent with the basis given by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Entities that arrange Afternoon Activities

In the City of Kajaani morning and afternoon activities are arranged by the City of Kajaani with the support of the Congregation of Kajaani and gratuities given by different associations and organizations. The activity is provided on school days, during the mornings before the start of school, mainly from 6:30 to 10:00 and in the afternoons from 12:00 to 16:30 (until 17:00, if necessary).

Morning Activities

Morning activities are arranged by the City of Kajaani. The tutors are the school’s special needs assistants. On the enrollment form you must write down the starting time, if the need for morning activities is before 7:30. This will determine placements. Morning activities are arranged in the following schools and daycares: Lehtikangas school, Seminaari school, Teppana school, Kätönlahti school, Kuluntalahti school, Nakertaja school, Jormua school, Lohtaja school, Otanmäki daycare, and Vuolijoki daycare.

How to apply

Guardians apply for activities each year either electronically by using the enrollment form on Wilma alongside applying for school or by writing in the paper form and delivering it to the City Hall Info. The Service Manager of Early Childhood Education decides on the placements in groups in collaboration with the schools. The aim is to place first (1st) graders and pupils with special needs primarily in groups held at the schools, and second (2nd) graders in groups that are held in the immediate vicinity of the schools. In the application, guardians can present their wishes for either the primary or the secondary placement.

Those who transfer to the second year of basic education will also apply electronically in Wilma or deliver the form to the Kajaani City Hall Info.

Decisions of the Office Holder on placements will be mailed to the guardians in April and May.

Applications are received throughout the academic year. The aim is to place those who apply in the middle of the academic in vacant places.


A school child’s payment is a fixed monthly fee. By regular is meant a situation where the activity has lasted at least three (3) months. If there are any changes in the demanded activity days, this must be declared to the school secretary for adjusting the fees. For parents who declare their family’s income either for the reduction or removal of their monthly fee: the fee is determined by the family’s income and the number of family members.


Free school transportation is not provided for pupils participating in morning and afternoon activities. Pupils must commute independently or transportation will be arranged by the parents, with the exception of pupils in the training class.


The general objective of morning and afternoon activities is to support the educational work done at home and at school and to strengthen the child's overall development. Activities should additionally promote the well-being and equality of children in society as well as prevent exclusion while increasing participation.


Children will be provided with a nutritious snack during the afternoon. The aim is to pay attention to dietary customs and habits.


The training requirement for Personnel is defined in the eligibility criteria. Personnel is also required to provide a transcript of criminal record.

Please be in touch with the director of your own Morning and Afternoon Activities operational unit regarding any inquiries concerning your child’s morning and afternoon activities. For more information, please visit the official website for the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Applications primarily to be submitted electronically through, applications and decisions, submit a new application, application for morning and afternoon activities.


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